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Sunday, March 31, 2002
Happy Easter! I'm back in Gainesville after spending the weekend at home in Tallahassee and a I have a few things to say:

1) Even though a teaching assistantship offer arrived for me on March 9, I just received my acceptance letter from USC. Apparently the university and the department don't communicate too well.
2) Last night I saw all of "E.T." for the first time. People my age and older will be shocked at that. My dad took me to see it in the theater twenty years ago but I was too young to sit all the way through the movie. So now I know why "E.T." has become such a favorite and why it was worthy of re-release.
3) At Eckerd's this afternoon I found my favorite jelly beans for the first time this year. This may not seem quite as notable as the other two news items, but I am annoyed that I found them on Easter, the last day I will be able to buy them until next year.

All right, back to reality. I have to study for my biology test that is on Thursday.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2002
I got an A on my second computational linear algebra exam!
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Tuesday, March 26, 2002
At first I wasn't sure where to post the three pictures I have from my trip across the country in December. Now they can be seen in the "Trip 2001" section of my photo album, after the pictures from the trip in May.
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Not that studying early is a bad thing, but I just discovered that my biology test is next Thursday rather than two days from now. Even so, I still need to be studying this week considering I'm going home this weekend and I never get any school work done there.
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Monday, March 25, 2002
Although I am upset that "Fellowship of the Ring" and "Moulin Rouge" didn't win more Oscars, I would like to congratulate Randy Newman on his win for best original song. After sixteen nominations, one win is better than none. Poor John Williams, though! He was conducting the orchestra at the ceremony, but failed to win the Oscar for best original score despite being nominationed twice in that category. Back to studying for my biology test...
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Sunday, March 24, 2002
It took an hour and a half but I got all thirty-two pictures from my trip to Europe in June 1997 posted in my photo album. Also the other pictures from spring break have been put in the appropriate album. Back to the Oscars...
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"I'm here with Hobbits in tuxes!" -Leeza Gibbons before the Oscars
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Saturday, March 23, 2002
I was tempted to post a comment this morning at 5:30 AM while I was getting ready for initiation, but I figured I wasn't coherent enough to make it worthwhile. Since we finished the proceedings this morning at 8 AM I have scanned and posted my pictures from St. Augustine. They are in the "St. Augustine 2002" section of my photo album. There are also more spring break pictures coming soon. I am watching MST: 3K right now but I should be studying biology.
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Thursday, March 21, 2002
Let's see... Linear algebra test tomorrow. Am I prepared? After eleven hours of studying, not yet. Alpha Chi Omega Initiation tomorrow and Saturday plus a Rush workshop on Sunday. Read my old diary entries about previous initiations (spring 2000, fall 2000 number 3, spring 2001) to see how much fun that is going to be. Biology test next week. Those are always great.
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Sunday, March 17, 2002
Back from a weekend trip to St. Augustine with my mom. Yesterday Dan emailed me the pictures from my visit to Los Angeles and I have posted them in my photo album. I created a new album called "Spring Break 2002" to accommodate it. This is going to be a busy week for me and hopefully I will have some graduate school news to report soon.
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Monday, March 11, 2002
I just got an email that begins, "In recognition of your academic achievements, I am pleased to inform you that we have recommended to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs that you be admitted to the MS program in Aerospace Engineering starting in the Fall Quarter, 2002." Fortunately for me this email was from the graduate advisor at UCLA. Financial aid has yet to be determined but it seems I have been admitted. That's what I have been waiting for.
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Another letter from USC. Apparently my application for admission is still being reviewed by the university and I have yet to be formally accepted. Hmm. So they offer teaching assistantships to people who might not even be allowed to attend? Interesting. On another note, where the heck is that letter from UCLA? Aargh!
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Sunday, March 10, 2002
After searching through a week's worth of mail for sixty girls I found two items with my name on them. One was my graduation announcements, which look pretty good, but that's not too exciting. The other was a letter from USC offering me a teaching assistantship for the fall. I am assuming that this means they accepted my application for admission. Yet again, I was hoping the name of another university would be on the front of the envelope but we've been through all that before.
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Once again back in Gainesville. I was tempted to use the word "finally" but that would imply that I am glad spring break is over. That is certainly not the case. The "finally" would have been directed towards my hellacious trip between Los Angeles and Jacksonville yesterday that lasted six hours longer that it was supposed to. I plan to elaborate on my spring break adventures in a diary entry so there will be more details to come.
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Wednesday, March 06, 2002
Halfway into spring break JCPenny finally decides to tell me that the portraits I had taken almost three weeks ago are finally online. I downloaded the good ones and posted them in the "Portraits" section of my online photo album. They are pretty small so when I get the actual prints I will scan them and make larger images for the web.
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Friday, March 01, 2002
My spring break has officially begun! I just discovered that I got a B on my biology test this morning so that's decent news. Soon I will be leaving for Jacksonville to spend the night before I hop a plane to Los Angeles tomorrow morning. That means I'll see Dan tomorrow! That makes me happy.
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