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Monday, October 28, 2002
The new color scheme is my version of heaven for the Angels. Red and white on a light blue background. Not too creative, but the best I could do between study breaks.
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Sunday, October 27, 2002
I had almost forgotten what it feels like to be the fan of a winning team, but they pulled it off. The Angels have won the World Series for the first time in their 42-year history. Dan and I were at Downtown Disney at the beginning of the game tonight and I can only imagine the atmosphere there now. It must be like "heaven."
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Top of the ninth and the Angels are ahead 4 to 1. My fingers are crossed.
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Saturday, October 26, 2002
Are you ready for Game 7? Game 6 was certainly amazing. The rally monkey strikes again. The Anaheim Angels are one win away from the World Series title (as are the Giants.)
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It's too bad Richard Harris didn't have a sorcerer's stone. That way he would still be around for subsequent Harry Potter movies. As it is, I know all of the fans will miss him.
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Thursday, October 24, 2002
The Giants lead 3-2. It's a good thing the World Series is headed back to Anaheim on Saturday. Things haven't gone so well for the Angels in San Francisco. Maybe the rally monkey is waiting for them at home. Along with the fans and their thundersticks.
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Tuesday, October 22, 2002
I love the way Daniel Radcliffe says "cool." The movie version of Harry Potter was one of the guests on TRL today. The 999th episode of TRL, to be exact. Too bad the host treated him like a little kid. Granted he's only thirteen, but he's certainly more famous that whoever that host is. Not Carson Daly.
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Sunday, October 20, 2002
Not even Barry Bonds could stop the Anaheim Angels from tying up the World Series at one game each. Let's hope the "rally monkey" follows them to San Francisco for the next three games.
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"A faithful reader" of my webpage emailed me today wondering what had happened to my diary. The only excuse I can come up with is graduate school. Graduate school happened to my diary. All of my time is spent studying and sleeping recently. And sleep has been scarce, I might add. I have several ideas for diary entries right now, but no chance in sight to elaborate on any of them. Will someone please invent software that will post my thoughts directly to my webpage? Well, maybe just a selective set of my thoughts.
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Saturday, October 19, 2002
Saturday morning on campus. The computer lab is empty. I kind of expected other people from my MEMS class to be here working on our homework that's due Monday. I guess the place will be hopping tomorrow! I'm headed home now to see what else I can cross of my list of homework assignments.
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Monday, October 14, 2002
I am taking a one hour break from homework. It's very liberating.
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Sunday, October 13, 2002
It's Sunday night. Time for studying, right? So why does it sound like there are several parties going on my neighborhood?
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The Anaheim Angels are headed to the World Series for the first time. Things are certainly happier here in California than in Florida. Yesterday the Gators were annihilated at home by LSU and the Seminoles narrowly lost to #1 Miami. UCLA lost too. How embarrassing.
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Saturday, October 12, 2002
"As Hal said of the Atlanta Braves when I told him they lost the National League penant race to the Arizona Diamondbacks, 'Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.' When you're a Braves fan you have gotten used to 'almost' by now." (10/22/01)

This post from last year was so appropriate I figured it was worth revisiting. Not that "almost" applies this time around. After an incredible season the Braves lost their first playoff series to the Giants in five games. Maybe it's time to change my loyalty. Go Angels!
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Something is wrong with Blogger. My webpage seems to be one post behind where it should be. Not that it's a big deal, but my mom noticed so maybe someone else did. (The other person who reads my webpage?)
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Friday, October 11, 2002
I posted five new pictures from my latest trip across the country (in May). They are in the "Trip 2002" section of my photo album. Also, there is one picture of my apartment in the main album. I promise to take some more soon for that virtual tour effect.
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No, I don't have any homework due tomorrow. I'm just working late to catch up. I have several ideas for diary entries floating around in my head; I just don't have time to elaborate on them. Here's one I hope I can forget about soon, "My Disappointing Week."
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Thursday, October 10, 2002
More homework woes. How did I get behind so quickly? It's only the second week of the quarter!
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Sunday, October 06, 2002
I had almost forgotten how frustrating homework can be.
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Saturday, October 05, 2002
Poor Gators. Unranked Ole Miss prevailed at home to hand Florida its second loss of the season. At least the Bruins won. In other sports news, the Anaheim Angels knocked the Yankees out of the World Series running today. California is happy. And the Braves are leading their playoff series. I am happy!
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I was right about the financial statement - I received my refund check in the mail today. Now I don't have to feel guilty about the clothes I bought this afternoon.
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Thursday, October 03, 2002
If I am deciphering my UCLA financial statement correctly, it looks like my tuition has been paid and I am actually going to see some of my fall loan in my bank account. I hate money, but I don't mind having it around sometimes.
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Tuesday, October 01, 2002
It's October already and cold, rainy weather has come to Los Angeles. I walked out of class at noon today to see people shaking off their umbrellas outside the building. I'm surprised anyone had one in their possession considering the lack of rain in southern California. I do have an umbrella, but I need a new winter coat.
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