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Friday, January 31, 2003
There's this bird in the tree outside my window that consistently sings in the middle of the night. Right now there is a lively melody pouring into my apartment from a seemingly very confused bird. Speaking of melodies, my current favorite song just came on the radio. I am listening to Radio Disney while working on some calculations for my research. We have a group meeting tomorrow and I would like it to go better than the last one (see last Friday's post for details).
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Thursday, January 30, 2003
At this point I have watched five hours of "American Idol" to see if I can catch a glimpse of my cousin. Checking the American Idol website it seems he didn't make it into the semifinals. I'm sorry Barrett! I was hoping to be able to say, "Did you see my cousin on TV?" I need to watch the tape of tonight's show more carefully in case that's really is a legitimate question.
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Wednesday, January 29, 2003
I am a very lucky girl. No matter how much I complain I realize this is the case. My fluid stability professor moved the due date of our homework assignment from this Friday to next Wednesday. Things like that always seem to happen when I feel overwhelmed by obligations. And I always appreciate it.
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Monday, January 27, 2003
In class this evening my professor introduced the "Crispation number" as an important nondimensional term. Doesn't that sound more like an indication of how cooked a piece of bacon is rather rather than the stability of a fluid? High Crispation number = crispy bacon. Yummy. Fascination with funny sounding engineering terms started when one of my UF professors mistakenly called the "Grashoff number" the "grasshopper number." He never heard the end of that one. It still makes me laugh.
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Sunday, January 26, 2003
I just got back from my third viewing of "The Two Towers." I am such a geek. In other news, happy birthday to my website! One year ago my first post appeared at this domain. Having this page and knowing it's birthday reinforces my status as geek, doesn't it? Fine by me.
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Studying makes me feel good. It means that I am accomplishing something. When I am studying it's easy to see why it makes me feel this way, but the sensation is hard to remember when I'm avoiding schoolwork. I should add "remember my studying frame of mind" to my list of resolutions. Oh yeah, I added titles and descriptions to the Disneyland pictures. (That probably wasn't the best way to keep my newest resolution.)
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Saturday, January 25, 2003
It took awhile, but I have now posted Dan's digital pictures from our trip to Disneyland two weeks ago. They are in the "Disney 2003" folder of my photo album. The names and descriptions will come later. The pictures I took that weekend will have to wait until I finish my current roll of film. By the way, I feel so much better today.
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Friday, January 24, 2003
What a disgusting day this has been. For some reason I feel like this week was a complete failure. My goal for this weekend is to get everything back on track. My goal for the rest of today is to temporarily forget about it's previous events.
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Thursday, January 23, 2003
Another week where I left all of my homework until the last minute. One of these days I'll remember why I made those New Year's resolutions and start sticking to them. Either that or I need to make them more attainable. Note to self: Do something beside watch TV this weekend.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2003
Also, I think there's a singer inside of me that got frustrated when I quit taking voice lessons. Speaking of singing, I am watching the new "American Idol" hoping to catch a glimpse of my cousin Barrett who made it through several rounds of auditions before getting cut. He didn't quite make the top twenty-five, but he must be pretty good to have made it even that far. If this cultural phenomenon had burst on to the scene when I was about eighteen I might have been tempted to audition.
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Sometimes I think there's a writer inside of me that's trying to get out. I spent the entire weekend attempting to write a diary entry and failing miserably. I even tried to write about one of my favorite subjects (books) and wasn't able to form a coherent thought. Like I said in my 11.16.02 (and, sadly, most recent) diary entry, "Sometimes I manage to perfectly express my thoughts in words. I have no idea how. It doesn’t seem possible, but sometimes it happens." And sometimes it doesn't. Like today.
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Saturday, January 18, 2003
"If you are proud of what you have done, and the audience agrees, nothing can compare to what you feel at that moment."

I wrote this of Sarah Hughe's Olympic gold medal performance in my 02.21.02 post, but it is a universal sentiment. I couldn't be happier for Michelle Kwan.
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"The Sun" gathered kids' predictions for Order of the Phoenix. My favorite response was, "Cho Chang will die because she is all right but nothing special." You're preaching to the choir, sister.
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Last spring I bought several new pairs of shorts because of the warm weather in Florida from March to October. Now that my residence is in California, where the spring/summer is much cooler, I am wondering why I bothered. Today I bought two new pairs of jeans. If I ever move back to Florida I will feel the same way about them.
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Friday, January 17, 2003
Yeah! The school-week is over and it's the beginning of a three-day weekend. Even though I am going to be doing a lot of homework during this time I am excited anyway. On Wednesday I pre-ordered Order of the Phoenix from Amazon. Now I want to know if it will be delivered on the publishing date, like Goblet of Fire, or just shipped then. Barnes and Nobles is promising delivery on June 21, but I am remaining loyal to Amazon for the time being.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2003
June 21, 2003. That's the day we can finally expect Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! It's also almost three years from the publication date of the fourth book (July 8, 2000). Hopefully that whole Amazon pre-order thing will happen again. I can't wait!
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As I sit here awake at 3 AM, drinking a Code Red Mountain Dew, and watching TV with unfinished homework next to me I realize that I am not fulfilling any of my New Year's resolutions. Can I establish a new New Year's that starts sometime around this Friday? I think I'll be ready to pay attention to my resolutions by then.
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Sunday, January 12, 2003
Dan took me to Disneyland for my birthday this weekend and we had a great time. Now I am facing all of the things I ignored this weekend - housework and homework. At least I have good memories to sustain me during the week.
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Thursday, January 09, 2003
My Birthday Saga

12:01 AM
My birthday already sucks. I don't know what happened between December 21 and now, but neither of the USB ports on my computer work anymore. And since the parallel port was already out of commission I have no way to use my printer. I should have known. I dread this day every year and, so far, it looks like it won't disappoint me.

3:40 PM
So lots of fun little things have gone wrong today. If they had happened on any other day it wouldn't have been a big deal, but it's my birthday and that magnifies their effect. I wish I could just skip this day every year and move right from January 8 to January 10.

4:30 PM
It seems all the USB ports needed was a restart of the computer. At least that problem is solved.

11:23 PM
Now that the day is almost over, besides my parents, I only received a birthday email from my ex-boyfriend Allen. It was unexpected, but very much appreciated. Thank you, Allen. Right now I am watching an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" from my season 7 DVDs and washing jeans. An elegant evening.

11:55 PM
No matter how my day went, I am now twenty-four years old. In five minutes my birthday will be over and I will no longer be expecting the worst. Excuse me, it's time to watch "The Nanny" and get ready for bed.
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Wednesday, January 08, 2003
Today one of my professors asked me, "Are you Lauren Gleason?" After answering in the affirmative I looked around the room and muttered, "I must be." I was the only female in the room. This is the nature of my graduate school environment. So far my classes are going well, but I already have a lot of reading and a couple of homework assignments. And it's only the third day.
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Monday, January 06, 2003
Today is the first day of the winter quarter, so I figured it was a good time to declare my New Year's resolutions for 2003. Adding to the list is entirely possible at any time. I can't have thought of everything in the first few days of the year. Now I just need to start following these.

1) Eat less junk food
2) Drink as much water (less soda) than I used to
3) Improve my study habits
4) Get more sleep (by going to bed earlier)
5) Make time for more leisure reading
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Sunday, January 05, 2003
In order to use it as a method of distraction, I need to get my new DVD player set up. Otherwise I'll have to think about important stuff. Oh yeah, the resolutions will be posted as soon as I can find them.
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