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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Even with all of the things I need to do tonight, I am finally excited about going to Tallahassee for Meghan and Dannyís wedding. Now that my final exam is over (no comment) I can think about my trip and my role as a bridesmaid without overwhelming anxiety. As I was walking to the laundry room this evening I realized I was looking forward to the wedding, even though I have to leave my apartment at 5 AM and work on my AIAA presentation on the plane. At least tomorrow night Iíll be able to get a good nightís sleep.
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Laurenís email:
ďIs it just me or is this stuff harder to understand the more you study it?Ē
Sevanís reply:
ď1) Ďthis stuffí, n., of or pertaining to crap, particularly in the field of fluid mechanics, especially taught in course 250B at UCLA. --Sevster Dictionary 2004
2) Ďexamí, n., comes from Latin word for fail --Sevster Dictionary 2004Ē
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Monday, March 22, 2004
You might ask, how am I going to reward myself tomorrow when my final exam is over? Well, the plan is to get a haircut and the new Princess Diaries book (two things Iíve been wanting for a while). Then Iíll get back to work. I still have that AIAA conference presentation to put together as well as a few other things Iíve been neglecting while studying these past three days. And Iíll have to pack for my trip eventually. Preferably before the airport shuttle comes to pick me up on Wednesday morning.
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Sunday, March 21, 2004
"I am a very lucky girl. No matter how much I complain I realize this is the case. My fluid stability professor moved the due date of our homework assignment from this Friday to next Wednesday. Things like that always seem to happen when I feel overwhelmed by obligations. And I always appreciate it." (01.29.03 webpage post) Itís a miracle. I always seem to get a reprieve when I really need one. But my final exam is still on Tuesday so I had better get back to studying.
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ďAt the end of knowledge, wisdom begins,Ē Dallben murmured. ďAnd at the end of wisdom there is not grief, but hope.Ē But in the absence of hope we must look for miracles. And itíll certainly take a miracle to complete all of the work I need to do this weekend. Today (Saturday) was spent solely studying for my final exam and Iím starting to think knowledge and wisdom have abandoned me. And since I never have any hope before finals week, that miracle had better be on its way. (Quote courtesy of The Foundling by Lloyd Alexander)
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Thursday, March 18, 2004
I finished a little wedding present for Danny and Meghan tonight. Good thing since their wedding is next Saturday. I did this while I should have been compiling my rather discouraging experimental data for tomorrowís research group meeting. And buying nail polish remover. Iíll need some before this weekend when I paint my toe nails the color they need to be for the wedding. Of the ones I painted yesterday, I think Iíll go with the color on my second toe. It'll look best with my bridesmaid's dress.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
It was only after I started experimenting with nail polish on my toes that I realized I didnít have any nail polish remover. And that I hadnít finished my homework yet. Or any of the other things I intended to do when I got home from the lab this afternoon. So now Iím left with different colored toe nails, blank sheets of paper, and unanalyzed experimental data. And Iím already tired. I think Iíll go to sleep and worry about these things tomorrow.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Today I attended my last class of the winter quarter. Unfortunately it was after I spent seven hours in the lab running a very boring and almost totally useless experiment, so I didnít fully appreciate the two-hour review session. But I did celebrate by finishing and posting a diary entry I started more than a month ago. Just everyday stuff, but I was determined to post it eventually. Not that I donít have a mountain of other work that needs to be done. Now that classes are over I have few deadlines that need my attention. Can you feel the anxiety?
1) Fluids class homework due Thursday
2) All AIAA conference data collected by Friday
3) AIAA conference presentation finished by Monday
4) Fluids class final exam on Tuesday
5) Flight to Tallahassee on Wednesday
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Thursday, March 11, 2004
I finally got up the nerve to call and request my (current) favorite song on Radio Disney. Since I was driving home during the morning rush hour I was bound to hear it without the request, but I wasnít taking any chances. As I was telling the person on the end of the line what song I wanted to hear she said, ďItís on the radio right now.Ē I had turned it off to make the call, so I missed the first verse because I was trying to request it. Ironic. I wonder if Iím the only Radio Disney caller uses her own cell phone to request a song while driving her own car down the freeway. Maybe the only one whoíd admit it.
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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
I canít remember the last time I finished a homework assignment by its original due date. I didnít sleep last night just so I could finish one of the three problems I was supposed to turn in today. The good news is that I sent the ďfinalĒ version of my AIAA conference paper to my advisor a little while ago. Since it kept me from working on my homework before class today it had better remain the only ďfinalĒ version. Any more revisions and I my sanity will be gone for good. The little sanity that I have regained since yesterday allowed me to finish and post the diary entry containing all of last weekís webpage updates. Maybe itíll explain my recent state of mind.
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Monday, March 08, 2004
Guess which one of yesterdayís goals I completed first? Believe it or not, it was revising my AIAA paper. (Unfortunately my advisor gave me a whole new round of changes to add tomorrow.) I did work on my fluids homework and watch Two Towers, though. The extended edition makes so much more sense than the theatrical version. The ten webpage updates I wrote last week have been compiled, but they arenít ready for posting yet. Maybe they will be after my homework is finished and my paper is submitted. And after my sanity returns.
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Sunday, March 07, 2004
Things to do today:
1) Revise AIAA conference paper (due Wednesday)
2) Work on fluids class homework (due Tuesday)
3) Update webpage with about five posts I wrote last week
4) Mention pictures in "Valentineís Day 2004" section of photo album I posted weeks ago
5) Watch "The Two Towers" extended edition
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