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Saturday, April 30, 2005
Hopefully you can already tell, but I successfully added comments to my webpage today. And it only took about an hour for me to figure it out. Iím so proud of myself. Now I donít have to be dependent on my Livejournal for people to leave comments. Not that I get a lot of comments, but at least visitors to this page have the option now. Iíll still post updates to Livejournal too for anyone who reads it instead, but I like this site better since I designed the layout myself. Can you tell Iíve had a slow Saturday?
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Iím watching ďEaster ParadeĒ (with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire) because I have to return it to the library before midnight. When it started I realized that Iíve seen it before, but itís still a great movie. I love old movies and I donít get to watch them very often. For some reason the Adelphia cable lineup in Seal Beach doesnít include Turner Classic Movies and thatís one of my favorite channels. Thereís no way Iím going to upgrade to digital cable just for that, though. I donít know how long Iím going to be living in this apartment. At least the Seal Beach library has a good selection of old musicals while I do live here.
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Friday, April 29, 2005
Good advice for models and everyone else...
ďIf youíre sporting a gut you turn to the side and disguise it!Ē
Janice Dickinson, ďAmericaís Next Top ModelĒ
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Thursday, April 28, 2005
When I get drowsy in a meeting I take out a blank Post-It and start making a list of things I need to do. And I come up with some pretty random stuff. In fact, today I titled the Post-It "Random Stuff." It included everything from cleaning the empty water bottles out of my car to this week's grocery list. This is definitely an indication that I spend too much time in meetings. However, when I'm in a meeting in the afternoon I can't wait to get out of there and go to the gym. If I've spent the day at my desk I can't always say the same. Any motivation to go to aerobics is a good thing.

P.S. At the gym today I heard the woman from yesterday have almost exactly the same conversation with someone else. It made me feel even worse than the first time I heard it.
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Note from work: I have French Onion soup breath (from dinner with Dan last night) and blueberry doughnut breath (from this morning's meeting) at the same time. It's disgusting.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
This afternoon before aerobics at the Boeing gym:
Woman at the gym: You work here? How old are you?
Me: Twenty-six.
Woman at the gym: REALLY? You look so young!
Me: Everyone says that.
Woman at the gym: Youíre good looking, why arenít you married?
Me: Thatís a good question.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Email sent to all Huntington Beach Boeing employees on 03.25.05:
ďA micro-earthquake occurred at 8:39:24 a.m. this morning. The magnitude 2.6 event occurred less than one mile NNW of Westminster, Calif. The hypo-central depth was 7 miles. This information is based on the preliminary earthquake report information released by the California Integrated Seismic Network.Ē

The only thing affected in my apartment (i.e., rearranged Homestar Runner figurines):
The figurines rearranged a bit
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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Iíve spent way too much time sitting in front of my computer today. It took me four tries to run a complete virus scan because the system kept crashing, but when it was finished nothing was detected to explain the problem. Now Iím looking online for an area rug for my apartment. I need one thatís a particular size, but not incredibly expensive. I donít want to spend a lot of money (that I donít have) and worry about spilling something on it (which I am likely to do). So after all this time Iíve discovered that finding a rug to fit my living space, in colors to match my dťcor, and cheap enough to satisfy my budget isnít going to be easy.
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How, according to Good Housekeeping magazine, I am an "over-40 mom":
1) "You have trouser socks in every color." Doesnít that just mean I work and I donít like to wear open-toed shoes?
2) "You put the cat on a low-calorie diet." And if you saw Bob youíd do the same.
3) "You have either mastered parallel parking or given up on it." Given up on it, thankyouverymuch.
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Saturday, April 23, 2005
I posted this comment (before a few edits) on one of Dave Bermanís posts. Iím so proud of it that I decided to post it here as well.
I'm so far behind the technological frontier that my CD player has a name, Krypton. It's my car. My cell phone is more than three years old. I have no idea where my Palm Pilot is since I moved six months ago. I do have a portable Flash drive...somewhere. I still use my VCR to tape shows off basic cable (mainly "24" for Dan). My digital camera is very cool, but that's only because Dan bought it for me. Same with my DVD player. The most sophisticated video game system I've ever played is the original Nintendo. And my clock radio is the only way I can listen to music in my apartment and I only use it as an alarm. I am living in the early 90's as far as technology is concerned.
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Friday, April 22, 2005
I havenít written anything substantial since Monday so I thought Iíd describe my day just to spice things up. I woke up at 7 AM, the time I usually get to work, so the day started out frantically. But when I got to work I was so sleepy that I had to drink a Wild Cherry Pepsi to stay awake and get something accomplished. The second draft of my document is due next month and I have a lot of work to do before itís ready for review. (Consequently, I had another draft 1 review on Tuesday that went well so thatís a good sign.) I came home for lunch only to discover that I donít have anything to eat here so I watched ďStar Trek: Deep Space Nine.Ē After work I went to the mall and bought some Clinique Super City Block SPF 25 moisturizer. The fact that Iím once again obsessed with sun protection is the first sign that spring has arrived in Los Angeles. And now Iím surfing the web, doing some laundry, and watching ďStar Trek: EnterpriseĒ which is just as boring as I remembered. I really miss a decent Star Trek series. Fortunately ďAmericanís Next Top ModelĒ is on next and itís always entertaining. My plan is to take a shower and read a little of Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception before going to bed. OK, so maybe describing my day did the opposite of ďspice things up.Ē I enjoy these evenings at home even if they seem dull in writing. And Iím looking forward to seeing Dan tomorrow. :)
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As I was reading a technical document at word the following error came up. Not a good sign.
There are too many spelling and grammatical errors in [insert document name] to continue displaying them. To check the spelling and grammar of this document, choose Spelling and Grammar from the Tools menu.
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Thursday, April 21, 2005
ĒI donít know everything. I donít even know how fish work.Ē
Mystery Science Theater 3000, ďThe Killer ShrewsĒ
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
According to Amazon I own 400 items (books, DVDs, videos, and CDs). Holy cow.

P.S. I never post online tests, but I thought the American English one was too funny not to. It proves that I am 30% dixie!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English

30% Dixie

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

0% Yankee

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Monday, April 18, 2005
My stomach was feeling much better today so I thought Iíd elaborate on last nightís movie disaster. But first let me tell you a story. For my eighteenth birthday my dear friends Kathe and Danny took me to the movies. It was very nice of them, but considering my weak stomach we shouldnít have gone to see ďScream.Ē I had to leave the theater before the end of the first sequence. Kathe and Danny werenít too happy about that, but there were nice enough to leave with me. Last night may have been a different movie, but it had the same result. Obviously horror movies and I donít mix. For this day forward I will always check the synopsis before going to see a movie I know nothing about.
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Once again Amazon rocks. My copy of the ďMystery Science Theater 3000Ē volume 7 DVDs was delivered the day before it was supposed to be released. Awesome.
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Sunday, April 17, 2005
Before I met Dan at the movies this evening I walked around the shopping center where the theater is to see if there was anything I couldnít live without. I place I really wanted to go was Old Navy, but everyone else in Los Angeles seemed to have the same idea so I didnít spend much time there. The next stop was Barnes & Noble even though I had no intention of buying anything there. I keep close track of book releases and as far as I could tell it would be a few weeks before the next book I wanted to buy was available. So itís a good thing I went into Barnes & Noble because I discovered that I was wrong. It was a very nice surprise. Look for my current reading list to change again soon.

P.S. Dan and I went to see ďSin CityĒ at the movies tonight. I didnít make it all the way through and Dan, the wonderful boyfriend that he is, left a little after I did. It was so bloody that I was almost crying when I ran out of the theater and I thought I was going to throw up. Iíll explain further when my stomach stops churning.
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I returned the last book I had checked out from the library this morning. That was a little scary because now I feel like I have nothing to read! But I only need to look my bookshelf to discover that I have about a dozen books there that I have yet to read. I did add about four books to my hold list on the OCPL website yesterday, though. I couldnít stand not having anything checked out. Speaking of books, my list of current reading on the left will return as soon as I have a chance to compile a list of links. It looks like if I want this feature on my webpage Iíll have to maintain the list myself because All Consuming has had some problems. Until then be informed that I am reading The Artemis Fowl Files by Eoin Colfer.
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Saturday, April 16, 2005
Amazon makes me so happy...
"As someone who has pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, you are probably itching to get your hands on the first copy off the press. Great news--we are going to make sure you receive your copy(s) on the day of release, July 16, 2005, guaranteed, at no additional charge to you!"
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Thursday, April 14, 2005
"Jeb Bush does not own the state of Florida..."
"The Early Show" in regards to the Terri Schiavo case, 03.25.05

And thank goodness for that.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Vignette #2 Ė Spring Training 2005
Me: ďWeíre staying at the Best Western Mesa InnĒ
Anyone else (except Dan): ďWhich one?Ē
Me: ďThe Mesa Inn.Ē
Anyone else (except Dan): ďThe Mezona?Ē
Me: ďNo, the MESA Inn!Ē *rolls eyes*
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Monday, April 11, 2005
Bunny in the fridge!

Thereís a bunny in my refrigerator. No, not leftovers, itís a stuffed bunny. Dan gave it to me for Easter and it plays a bit of ďEaster ParadeĒ when you squeeze its belly. At least thatís how itís supposed to work. Not that it doesnít play the song when you squeeze it Ė it just doesnít stop there. Just sitting on my bookshelf is enough to set it off as well. On Friday night it kept playing and waking Dan and me up so I stuck it in the refrigerator so we could get some sleep. As you can see itís still there and it will be until it shuts up.
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Written last Tuesday and references last Monday's update:
I take it back. I found a third nonexistent word in the same paragraph as the other two. And today when I was writing my own document I created one myself. ďAutonomouseĒ is defined as a cute animatronic rodent often found in Disney theme parks. Iím thinking of changing all occurrences of ďautonomousĒ in my document to ďautonomouseĒ instead. It would certainly make the writing process more fun.
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Sunday, April 10, 2005
A picture from the race

I didnít know there was someone taking pictures at the finish line, but as a participant I was entitled to a free copy of this picture from the photo companyís website. It would be a much better picture if I didnít look so serious. Or so feeble with my dorky knee brace (which I wore to prevent injury). It looks like I proved Dan right Ė Seal Beach really is the land of the dorks.

My walking stats:
Start time Ė 8:03:03 AM
Finish time Ė 8:48:07 AM
Walk time Ė 00:45:04
Walk speed Ė 4.13 mph
Overall place Ė 66 of 481
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Saturday, April 09, 2005
Iíve been so busy the past two weeks that now that I have a free afternoon I hardly know what to do with myself. My first instinct would be to get some exercise, but I participated in the Seal Beach 5K this morning and my legs are already aching from the effort. Iím not a runner (because of my bad knee and because, well, I hate running) so I walked the race instead. It took me about 45 minutes to finish 5K which translates to a little more than 4 mph. Thatís a respectable walking speed and I was far from the last person to cross the finish line so Iím happy with the result. It was strange getting home at 9 AM on a Saturday having already accomplished something. And if I can find the motivation to accomplish something else before I go to bed Iíll consider the day a great success.
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From the Dan Feller Travel Agency:
Seal Beach - Land of the Dorks
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Thursday, April 07, 2005
Vignette #1 Ė Boston 2005
Dan: "This sweater makes me look old...like 27."
Me: "Dan, youíre going to be 27 in two weeks!"
Dan: "Oh yeah."
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Monday, April 04, 2005
Muscle memory is a wonderful thing. I was sure I was going to fall down almost immediately after I stood up for the first time on my snowboard this weekend, but it didnít happen. I think my muscles have finally figured out the whole snowboarding thing. At least the heel-edge part Ė Iím still working on the toe-edge and switching between edges. But thatíll have to wait for next season since spring is about to hit Big Bear like a ton of bricks.

Video of Dan snowboarding
Another video of Dan snowboarding

Today was the first time I wanted a job where I didnít sit at a desk all day. After working out with the personal trainer on Saturday and snowboarding on Sunday I was feeling quite sore at work today. The longer I sat at my computer the more difficult it was to get out of my chair. Maybe that ton of bricks hit me on the way to Big Bear. It didnít keep me from noticing a few problems in a certain technical document I was reading today. I realize that the writer was probably more concerned with the content than anything else, but when nonexistent words show up in Boeing documents I start to worry. Especially when there are two in the same paragraph. Could someone define "uncorrect" and "unrepairable" for me?
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Sunday, April 03, 2005
Dan and I went snowboarding at Snow Summit today for what will probably be the last time this season. By early afternoon the snow had melted significantly and there were puddles of water at the top of the mountain where we got off the ski lifts. Even though the conditions werenít the best I think the trip was a success. I completed about four S-turns so some progress was made on my part. I also managed to fall and injure many body parts. But thatís not important because Dan and I had a good time and Iím very glad we went. We always have fun together and I love being with him.
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