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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Two strange questions I was asked last week:
1) Clinique makeup girl: "Is this your first marriage?"
Do I really look old enough to be getting married for a second time? Usually people think I'm about twenty!
2) Guy at work: "Are you still getting married?"
Is there a less tactful way to ask about my wedding? 'Cause I'd like to hear it!
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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
After watching them perform on the Grammy's, Dan and I were both excited to hear that The Police are planning a tour for this summer. Dan is a huge fan and I've never been to a concert before. I had tickets for one once, but I didn't actually get to go. But that's another story which involves REM and a hurricane (to be posted later). Initially the tour didn't include a stop in the Los Angeles area, so Dan and I were going to try and get tickets for the Las Vegas or Phoenix show instead. Then a concert at Dodger Stadium was added which made us Southern Californians very happy. And what is the date of this concert? June 23rd! We're only getting married that day! I guess we'll still try to get tickets for the Las Vegas show (since the Phoenix show sold out in a matter on hours on Monday) which is scheduled for the week before our wedding. It'll be a busy time, but you don't get a chance to see The Police everyday.
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Saturday, February 24, 2007
Dan and I made a very exciting purchase for our house today - a new washer and dryer! We've been wanting a new set since we moved in last year, and receiving our yearly bonus on Thursday convinced us that the time was right. We bought the washer and dryer at Home Depot and they matched Best Buy's price so we got more expensive models for the lower-end model's price, but the purchase wasn't without difficulties. Apparently if a cashier accidentally presses the wrong button during the payment process (i.e., "Cash" when you've already scanned your credit card) there is no way to correct the problem. The order has to be voided and completely redone, starting with the paperwork in the appliance department. So Dan and I stood in the checkout area and watched "Cars" on a flat screen TV display for more than 30 minutes while waiting for everything to get settled. If we hadn't felt like we got a really good deal we probably would have just cancelled the order and walked out. The fact that they had a movie playing helped too. We finally made the purchase and the washer and dryer will be delivered on Thursday. I'm excited!
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Friday, February 23, 2007

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At lunch today I went to Macy's and had one of the girls at the Clinique counter experiment with makeup for the wedding. I was generally pleased with her attempts, but she was a bit heavy-handed with the sparkly eye shadow. When I got back to work I wiped some of it off so I wouldn't look too ridiculous wearing tons of makeup in my casual Friday attire (jeans and Gator t-shirt). The effect was obviously still noticeable since when I asked one guy a question he just stared at me with a quizical look on his face. It was very amusing. I only bought a few of the Clinique products today, but I'll probably end up buying some more. I'll be doing my own makeup for the wedding because I'm so particular about it. Plus it'll save us the expense of a makeup artist.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Dan's birthday cake

In case I alienated any readers with yesterday's post, here's something to make up for it - a picture of Dan eating cheese and cereal while drinking a beer. That's what we call dinner in our household!
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Monday, February 19, 2007
At the gym last week...
Sharon (aerobics instructor): "As you all know, we're here to...step our lives away."
Lauren: "You should put that as the class title on the fitness center schedule."

Due to the laziness caused by my day off last Thursday I missed my first aerobics class of 2007. Ironically, so did Sharon, the instructor. It was a strange coincidence, but at least I didn't drive all the way there to discover class was cancelled. So today I printed out the picture from my wedding dress fitting so the women at the gym could see it. They gushed and it was a lot of fun. I have been going to Sharon's aerobics class since the Huntington Beach gym opened in 2001 (the summer I met Dan) so I've known some of these women for years.

P.S. This might be TMI for some of the guys, but exercise is the only healthy remedy for PMS. It's amazing how much better I feel after a good workout. The other remedy that works for me is eating lots of sweets, but that's not good for the waistline!
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Saturday, February 17, 2007
From Dan's birthday card from his father and stepmother:
"P.S. Carol wanted Lauren to have the Florida Gators book as a congratulations. She said you can return the favor next year when the [Tennessee] Vols win it all! Ha ha!"
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Thursday, February 15, 2007
Today I tried on my wedding dress for the first time. It's so beautiful! It's funny how the dress I ended up with is NOTHING like what I was looking for when I went dress shopping. But it's perfect and I love it. The bridal boutique owner ordered a size 4 for me and it fits really well. The bustline needs to be taken in and the hem needs to be shortened slighty, but that's the extent of the alterations. I'll go in for my second fitting in April. I intended to try on veils with the dress today, but when I looked in the mirror I knew immediately that I won't be wearing one. A veil would only take away from the dress and I love it too much to do that. The dress is enough to make me look and feel like a bride on my wedding day and that's all I ever wanted!

P.S. In order to keep the dress details as much of a secret as possible, I won't post the fitting pictures here. If you would like to see them, send me an email (lcgleason@juno.com) and I'll let you know where to find them. But beware, the pictures were taken by the boutique owner and me (whie wearing the dress) so they aren't very good!
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Happy Valentine's Day! Dan and I celebrated this holiday of coupledom by having a delicious dinner of lasagna, broccoli salad, and sparkling juice. Dessert was provided by Dan in the form of Godiva chocolates. Yummy! On top of all that, there's always Dan's birthday cake if we get hungry later, but the thought of my wedding dress fitting tomorrow morning should keep me from eating any. At the moment we're getting ready to watch Lost which is a big Wednesday night event for us. I'm even happier than usual because tomorrow is my day off and I'm really looking forward to it.

As a side note, Dan's birthday cake turned out really well. I chose a recipe with lemon juice, lemon peel, and lemon extract just to make sure the cake tasted lemony. The result is that it turned out really lemony, but this may have had something to do with Dan putting more lemon peel in the batter when my back was turned! Well, his wish for lemon pound cake was granted!
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Lighting the birthday candles Dan blowing out his birthday candles
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Monday, February 12, 2007
After watching 24 tonight...
Lauren: "We need more shots of Kiefer Sutherland looking distressed." *Gestures dramatically while making faces*
Dan: "You make a very poor Kiefer Sutherland."
Lauren: "Noooo! You've destroyed all my hopes and dreams!"
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Speaking of accomplishments, I mailed our save the date cards today! Dan printed out the amazing cards he designed last night and I got them ready for mailing while watching the Grammys. That's one more wedding item to check off the list. On Thursday I'm going to the bridal boutique for my first dress fitting so I'm very excited about that. I'm planning to take the day off since I just finished two big document updates at work and I have plenty of overtime. The thought that I'll be able to try on my actual wedding dress in a few days makes me so happy! Sleeping in won't be too shabby either!
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Sunday, February 11, 2007
Dan's birthday cake

As you can see, I have accomplished goal #2 for today because Dan's birthday cake is now complete. It's a lemon bundt cake with cream cheese frosting. An interesting combination, to be sure, but it's exactly what he asked for. Dan's birthday presents remain unwrapped, but I still have one more day to get that done.
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1) Worked for 6 hours (Boo!)
2) Went to the gym
3) Accomplished nothing else

Goals for today:
1) Grocery shopping
2) Make Dan's birthday cake
3) Wrap Dan's birthday presents
4) Print save the date cards
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Saturday, February 10, 2007
This is so pretty. And I am so crazy.
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Friday, February 09, 2007
What a day! I've been at work for more than 12 hours and I was supposed to go to the gym an hour ago. I think I'll put off my workout until tomorrow. I need to come to work tomorrow anyway to get some things done. According to my boss's schedule, I was supposed to release a draft version of a document today, but that would mean I had a chance to start working on it before today. And now I find myself at work at 9 PM looking at bridal veils online! This is crazy. I'm 95% sure I don't even want to wear a veil, but I'm worried if I'll regret it if I don't. I like the idea of a veil, but I can't really imagine myself wearing one. I'm going in for my first wedding dress fitting next Wednesday so maybe I'll be able to decide then. But now I'm going home!
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Thursday, February 08, 2007
I was very excited to see a billboard for Cherry Coke Zero on my drive home last week. In my opinion, Cherry Coke is the best drink in the world and I'm always interested in less indulgent (i.e., lower calorie) versions than the original. I've tried Diet Cherry Coke, which is just acceptable, and Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, which is actually pretty tasty, but the promise of Cherry Coke Zero sounded wonderful. (Read my brief original reaction to Coke Zero, with much additional commentary.) So yesterday I purchased a couple of 20 oz Cherry Coke Zeros at the grocery store with much anticipation. I usually drink a diet soda at work to stay awake, so I took my first sip of Cherry Coke Zero in a meeting yesterday morning. The verdict - it's pretty good! I'll have to perform a blind test test with Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi to figure out which I prefer, but I will definitely be drinking Cherry Coke Zero again.
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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
My wedding dress has arrived!
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Friday, February 02, 2007
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Thursday, February 01, 2007
The release date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been announced! I figured it wouldn't be released until 2008 so I haven't been diligent about checking the Leaky Cauldron website for the latest book-related news. So this morning when I ran across a CNN article announcing the release date, I was surprised and excited. After only reading the title of the article I quickly went to Amazon and preordered it. My copy of Harry Potter 7 will arrive on July 21, 2007. I can't wait!
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