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Sunday, January 20, 2008
Dan gave me an iPod Shuffle for Christmas and now I know what all the fuss is about over these little things. I started using mine at the gym last week and I love it! I only have about six songs on it now, but that will change as soon as I sit down at my computer with my CD collection. My goal is to have as many of my favorite songs on the iPod as possible so I will have something to think about while using the elliptical other than how exhausted I am. I'll just have to remember not to sing out load!

P.S. Thanks for everyone's sympathy about Tom. We found out just before Christmas that his kidneys were failing and we had to put him to sleep last Tuesday. I cried a lot after I found out. Our family loved him very much and he will be greatly missed. His brother Bob is still around, though, so I look forward to seeing him the next time I'm in Tallahassee. I posted all of the pictures I have of the cats on my computer in the "Bob and Tom" album on my Flickr photo page.
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Saturday, January 19, 2008
Thomas "Tom Cat" Gleason
1996 - 2008
Rest in peace our sweet kitty boy

Bob (grey) and Tom (orange) sleeping on the couch, 12/23/07 Bob (grey) and Tom (orange), 12/23/07
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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Dan and me before my birthday dinner
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Fortunately the second half of my birthday turned out better than the first. Dan got home around 9:30 AM and I left for work promptly after that. Work wasn't much fun because I had to catch up after being on travel for two days, but at least my co-workers sang "Happy Birthday" to me at our staff meeting. Then last night Dan took me out for a fabulous dinner at the Napa Rose at the Disney Grand Californian hotel. The food was delicious and I really enjoyed it. It was the perfect end to my birthday and I have my wonderful husband to thank for it. Thanks baby! So I guess I'm twenty-nine years old now. Crazy!
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008
It's my birthday. Yes, it's my birthday and I'm stuck at home. Dan took my car to work last night (for the graveyard shift) and I didn't realize until this morning that I don't have a key to his car! That means that I can't leave for work until he gets home, and I have no idea when that will be. I should have known that it was a bad sign when he left his cell phone at home. So I'm stuck at home and I have no way to get in touch with Dan. This kind of thing always seems to happen on my birthday. I would like to take the day off, but I was in DC for a business trip the last two days and I really need to go in to the office. Hopefully Dan will get home soon. Happy birthday to me.
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Wednesday, January 02, 2008
I went back to work today after a week and a half break for the holidays, but productivity was low because all of our bosses are either on travel or still on vacation. But more importantly, my one goal for the day did get accomplished - selecting what kind of birthday cake I'm going to make for myself! This is a very important decision, especially since my birthday is only one week away. (Although I'm not sure I'll have a chance to make the cake before my birthday on Wednesday considering I'm going on a business trip to DC next Monday and Tuesday. I'm still looking forward to making it even if it's a little late.) So what kind of cake did I pick out? Raspberry White Chocolate Cake. Yum.
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
The football season is now officially over for the Gators and it ended on a low note. They lost to Michigan after coming back from being two touchdowns behind and a crazy back-and-forth fourth quarter. It was a sad ending, but the Gator faithful are already looking forward to next season. With our Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, we're hoping for another national championship. We've already got our fingers crossed! GO GATORS!
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It's halftime at the Capital One Bowl, but the Gators aren't looking that great. I can only hope they improve in the second half. GO GATORS!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Capital One Bowl is all tied up in the first quarter and it's making me nervous! GO GATORS!
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