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Monday, March 31, 2008
Still no internet at home. Verizon wasn't able to reestablish our DSL or install the new fiber optics on Saturday so we still have no service. What a mess. In the area of good news, after a bit of hassle at the post office on Saturday Dan renewed his passport. And since it's been less than a year since I renewed mine, I can get a new one for free with my married name on it. That saves us some money and it means we're one step closer to our New Zealand trip in December!
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Friday, March 28, 2008
Still no internet at home. Verizon is scheduled to fix that tomorrow morning. We'll see if someone shows up this time.

In other news, I finally get to wear the New Zealand All Blacks jacket that Dan bought me for Christmas! The first one was way too small so I had to send it back to Christchurch for another one. The correctly sized jacket arrived last week and I love it!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
The lack of updates can be attributed to the lack of internet access at our house for the past week and a half. Stupid Verizon. Hopefully this situation will be remedied on Saturday.
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Monday, March 10, 2008
Because I'm almost ready for the release of "Prince Caspian" in May (i.e., I've almost finished my latest reading of the book)...

funny pictures
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Sunday, March 09, 2008
Sunday discoveries:
1) It's been ages since I added the new songs to my iPod, but today was the first time I actually got to listen to them at the gym. Did I mention how much I love my iPod?
2) My mangled toe (thanks you Arthur Murray) didn't bother me at all during my workout. Thank goodness! I would have been upset if I couldn't work out this week.
3) Having a Roomba is like having a new pet - the first time it ventures out on its own you watch it for a long time just to see what it will do. Unfortunately ours is a little dim and can't find its way back to the docking station for charging.
4) I should check to make sure I have all of the ingredients for a recipe before I start making it. Dan and I love broccoli salad, but I had to improvise on the sauce today because we are out of mayonnaise. I'm not sure it's going to taste very good.
5) It's very satisfying to have dinner in the fridge and ready to eat when Dan gets home.
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008
After doing my part for Hillary by voting for her in the California primary on February 5th I felt like I'd done everything I could to influence the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. She was on her own after that. So when I heard on the radio this morning that she won both Texas and Ohio yesterday I was very pleased. This is going to be an interesting campaign!
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Sunday, March 02, 2008
Yesterday morning DirectTV took our TiVo away. Well, to be less dramatic, they actually replaced it with a different DVR to go with the new satellite dish. Apparently we needed the upgrade before March 31st or our HD channels would disappear. Not good! The only problem is that we need to hook up the TiVo to another TV to watch the shows already recorded on there. Too bad I was halfway through the latest episode of "Terminator."

Besides the DirectTV upgrade yesterday, Dan and I also got our taxes done. We went to a CPA because now that we're married we weren't sure if it would be better to file jointly or separately. The appointment took less than half an hour since he did our taxes last year and most of the information was already on file. After the taxes were done we went to dinner at Dan's favorite sushi place (I had a salad) and then to the movies to see "There Will Be Blood." Great movie. It's really easy to see why it won was nominated for Best Picture. When we got home Dan and I wanted to watch "The Office" (our new favorite show), but we finished watching our season 3 DVDs last week. So we tried to download the already-aired season 4 episodes from iTunes, but they weren't available there. Then we tried Amazon, but Dan has a Mac and my Windows OS is too old to support the Amazon video player. Argh! So we resorted to watching the first season 4 episode on NBC.com, which has annoying Dove and Sprint commercials, but at least they were free. We need to get caught up before the new episodes begin in April.

Right now I'm planning a dinner menu, which will require a trip to the grocery store. Dan and I had a hectic week so we've enjoyed the weekend so far. I love being able to relax before we go back to work on Mondays. Besides making dinner, my biggest goal for the day is to have all of the laundry and dishes done. Better get started!
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