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Thursday, July 31, 2008
Dan is home! I baked the lasagna when I got home from work and we ate a delicious dinner while watching the New Zealand All Blacks take on the Australia Wallabies (last week's match that I DVRed). They lost, which was extremely disappointing, but at least the lasagna was good. In fact, the lasagna was so good that I'm already looking forward to dinner tomorrow! To earn my meal, I went to the gym this afternoon for the first time in ten days. I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow, but it was worth it. And I took the first step in getting back to my workout routine too. We'll see how long I can stick with it!
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Dan is coming home from a two and a half week long business trip tomorrow and I promised him lasagna for dinner. (For anyone who's interested, I posted the recipe in my LiveJournal.) To save time I assembled the lasagna tonight and put it in the fridge so all I have to do is bake it when I get home tomorrow. And with the generous helping of my mom's famous chocolate cake that I brought home from Florida, Dan and I are going to have the a great meal. To top it all off, the New Zealand vs. Australia rugby match that we missed on Saturday is being rebroadcasted on Setanta Sports tomorrow night. The perfect evening. I can't wait to see you, my darling husband!
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
So we had an earthquake today. I was at my desk listening in on a teleconference when we felt the first tremors. They weren't too strong so I just sat there and waited for them to subside. And then the real shock waves hit. The building shook from side to side so violently that I clutched my desk to keep my chair from rolling around. Actually, the desk clutching was mostly out of fear. I realized that I had no idea what to do in that particular situation. Diving under the desk didn't seem like the best idea because we have these metal overhead cabinets in our cubicles that and could probably kill if they fell on you. And my work area is too far from the doorways for them to be helpful. My only option was to roll my chair in to the entrance of my cubicle and pray that nothing came down on my head. Fortunately nothing did. A whole bunch of ceiling tiles fell from the ceiling, but I don't think anyone was hit by them.

When the earthquake was over we all heaved a sigh of relief and went back to work, but a few minutes later a plant-wide announcement instructed us to evacuate the buildings. I grabbed my purse and followed everyone else outside where we hung out and compared earthquake stories. Before we evacuated we discovered from the USGS website that the quake was initially reported to be a magnitude 5.8 centered in Chino Hills. Those of us who are fairly new to California were pretty shaken up, and the California natives weren't too calm either. It wasn't long before we were told that our work area had been locked up and wasn't going to be opened again until tomorrow. Most people just went home, but I drove over to Seal Beach to finish out the day. We had to wait outside over there too, but eventually they let us back in. I took advantage of the earthquake by leaving work a little early to spend some relaxing time at home. What a crazy day.
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Strong quake shakes Southern California

Expert: L.A.'s 5.4 quake 'small sample' of one to come
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008
I'm flying to Tampa tomorrow for a visit with family and I'm really looking forward to it. Dan got a short reprieve from his business trip in DC so he's meeting me there for his cousin's wedding on Friday. I can't wait to see him! And after the week I've had at work I'm so glad to get a few days away. I've been working for eleven days straight and the last three days have been 13+ hours of sheer craziness. I'm so exhausted that I can barely stay awake, but I have a lot to do before I leave in the morning. Right now I'm taking a break from packing to watch Project Runway. When it's over I'll have to get back to stuffing clothes in my suitcase so I can get some sleep before the airport shuttle arrives tomorrow. Florida here I come!
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Saturday, July 19, 2008
Recap of the last three days
Thursday: Left work at 6:30 AM after a 12-hour shift. Went home and slept a little. Got back to work at 5:30 PM for another 12-hour shift.
Friday: Left work at 6:30 AM. Slept in my car in the parking lot until 11:30 AM. Went back into work (and it's a good thing I did). Left work at 8 PM. Went home, took my first shower in 30 hours, and fell asleep almost immediately.
Saturday: Woke up after sleeping around 12 hours. Got to work at 11 AM. Left work at 7 PM and went to the gym (after a two-day break). Got home at 10 PM.

My plans for the evening are to watch Project Runway and Robin Hood before going to bed for another recuperative night of sleep. I have to go to work again tomorrow, but I'm also going to go shopping and to the movies. I need a break!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
I got home from work around 9:30 PM and now I'm watching the All Star game. I can't believe it's still on. The fifteenth inning is about to start. In the last 45 minutes I washed dishes, started the dishwasher, put a load of clothes in the washer, and warmed up my dinner. Leftover homemade pizza is awesome. My work shift doesn't start until 6 PM tomorrow night so I'm going to stay up late and sleep in tomorrow. After the baseball game is over I'm going to watch the new episodes of Robin Hood and Ice Road Truckers on our DVR. Except for Dan's absence (he's currently watching the All Star Game with Dave B. in DC), this is turning out to be a great evening. I miss you baby!
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Thursday, July 03, 2008
Dan and I are going to the Hollywood Bowl for their July 4th Fireworks Spectacular tomorrow night and I'm really looking forward to it. We've had the actual event tickets for a week now, but there was some drama concerning our park and ride tickets that I ordered last week because as of this morning we hadn't received them. Fortunately, after two fairly frantic calls to Ticketmaster that did no good whatsoever, they arrived in the mail today. So now just about everything is in place for our Fourth of July experience. We'll have to go to the grocery store in the morning to get provisions for our Hollywood Bowl picnic basket, but at least we have all the necessary paperwork. I'm so glad we won't have to drive up there ourselves. Here's to a stress free holiday!
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Raise your hands up in the air and scream!
We're finding our voice, following our dreams.
Cause we rock! We rock! We rock, we rock on!

Nobody in the world's gonna bring us down.
The louder we go, well, the better we sound.
Cause we rock! We rock! We rock, we rock on!

Yes, I bought the Camp Rock soundtrack. And I kinda like it. I still haven't seen the actual movie, but its on our DVR waiting for me to have a couple of free hours to watch it. Sometimes I feel like I'm eternally sixteen years old.
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