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Sunday, October 26, 2008
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

See this and other photos in my new Tallahassee 10/08 Flickr album. Also, I've added some new photos to my Wedding Day 6/23/07 album and added a new album Post-Wedding Brunch 6/24/07 with some pictures that I finally downloaded from my mom's camera while I was in Tallahassee.
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Monday, October 20, 2008
It was 38 degrees when I left work this morning and there was frost on my car. Brrr!
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Sunday, October 19, 2008
I forgot that the fall season existed until a couple of days ago. My shift ended at 2 AM this morning and I was quite surprised to encounter 44 degree temperatures when I walked out to my car. I was expecting California-like temperatures so I was only wearing a cardigan and it was much colder than I expected! The good thing is that I got to talk to Dan while driving back to my hotel so I hardly noticed the cold. But tomorrow I'm bringing a jacket with me to work!
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Thursday, October 16, 2008
I left work at 6 AM this morning and went to bed as soon as I got back to my hotel. I managed to sleep until noon when even my earplugs couldn't keep out the noise of the swimming pool renovations four floors below my room. I talked to the front desk and moved to a top-floor room on the opposite side of the hotel, but that didn't stop the noise. Fortunately I was able to sleep a while longer. I don't have to be back at work until midnight so I'm watching episodes of Fringe online. I need to go work out too. Working these strange hours leaves little time for anything other than eating and sleeping. I'm hoping to have time to go to the National Zoo sometime soon, but since I'm working nights isn't going to help with that plan. At least I get to go to Florida next week to visit my parents. And my cat Bob!
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Monday, October 13, 2008
Guess who I saw at the airport today? Zefram Cochrane! So I was just sitting there waiting for my flight and James Cromwell walks by. I wasn't able to recall his real name at the moment, but I would have asked for his autograph if I had (I wasn't about to address him by one of his film roles). He was just walking through the United terminal all alone. He's a famous actor, but not a high profile celebrity so I didn't see anyone approach him. It was pretty cool.

Even though I had to travel, today's been pretty good. The movie on the plane wasn't too bad ("Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day"), my rental car has XM Radio (I love the On Broadway station), and I didn't get lost driving from Dulles to my hotel. I'm staying in the exact same room that I occupied during my August visit, but now there are brand new plasma screen TVs (at least 40 inches). This means that I got to watch Heroes on a decent television set when I got back from picking up my dinner at Potbellys. Not bad. I have a regular work day tomorrow before I start working nights on Wednesday. And so begins my long business trip...
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I'm off to DC soon, but I had to check the college football rankings before I left. Florida is #5! This is looking more and more like their championship season two years ago. Now if they can just get past Georgia in a few weeks they'll be in good shape!
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Sunday, October 12, 2008
GO GATORS! Their victory over the Tigers last night was amazing! I watched several football games yesterday (Oklahoma vs. Texas for one), but Florida beating LSU was the most satisfying for me. We'll have to see how the polls fall out tomorrow morning, but I'm looking forward to Florida advancing in the rankings. The only good game I'll miss on my trip is the Georgia game on November 1st because I'll be flying back home that day. That's going to be a great game so I hope I can catch at least some of it.

Dan ran the Long Beach half marathon this morning and did great! He finished in 2:13, which was under the time he was hoping for. I'm so proud of him. I felt like a slob going to a marathon/half marathon and just watching, but running is a form of torture to me. However, I need to hit the gym this evening before I'm at the mercy of hotel fitness centers for three weeks. In fact I'd better get on that. And when I get home I have to finish packing because I'm leaving for DC in the morning. Yikes!
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Saturday, October 11, 2008
I never finished unpacking my suitcase from my last trip. So today I'm just throwing in clean clothes with the blazers and socks that have been sitting there for three weeks. I hate business travel.
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Dan went to bed early in preparation for his half marathon on Sunday and I'm up way too late watching episodes of House, MD. I checked out the season one DVDs from the library and I'm trying to watching as much as possible before I have to return them on Sunday (before I leave for DC). It's going to be a busy weekend. Tomorrow I'm planning to go to the gym, clean the house (at least partly), and watch as much college football as possible. If I'm lucky, I might even be able to watch Florida beat LSU! Then on Sunday Dan has his half marathon and I need to get ready for my business trip. I haven't had to live out of a suitcase for three weeks since I went to Europe in 1997 and I'm not looking forward to it. I am going to miss the comforts of home, and my dear husband most of all. It's going to be a long three weeks.
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Thursday, October 09, 2008
"USC can climb back in it. Georgia can climb back in it. Florida can climb back in it. Even (gasp!) Ohio State can climb back in it."
MSNBC article

As far as Florida goes, I sincerely hope so. Their first real test is coming this weekend against LSU. I am grateful that I'll be home to watch it, especially since I'll probably miss the Kentucky and Georgia games while I'm in DC or traveling. I'll probably have to clean the house while I'm watching the game on Saturday, but as long as Florida wins I'll be happy. GO GATORS!
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Wednesday, October 08, 2008
More bad news: The banana bundt cake I made last night was awful. I don't know what I did wrong, but the cake never cooked all the way through, even after double the baking time. It was a banana flavored brick with a gooey center. Gross.

More good news: The chocolate bundt cake I made tonight was delicious!
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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
The bad news: I'm leaving on my next business trip to DC on Monday and I won't be back until November 1st. That means I'm going to miss Halloween, including Mike's annual party. It really sucks because I love Halloween. At least I haven't spent much money on a costume yet.

The good news: I have two days off during my trip and I'm taking the opportunity to fly to Tallahassee and see my parents and my cat! I haven't been to the place of my birth since last April, and as small as it is, I love Tallahassee. And I love my cat!
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Thursday, October 02, 2008
Progress on today's goal: I emailed a few Queenstown hotels about room rates and availabilities for late December. Hopefully I'll find one that's reasonable. I'm so glad my job isn't going to keep us from going to New Zealand. As far as the laundry goes, the second load is in the wash now. As an extra bonus, I discovered that the Florida football game isn't televised on Saturday, just like last week. As long as there's a different outcome this week I'll be happy.
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Goal for the day: Find a decent hotel in Queenstown, NZ that won't cost us an arm and a leg to stay there for a few days. And if there's any time left over, do the laundry too. I'm running out of gym socks.
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Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Dan and I are going to the Cubs vs. Dodgers playoff game on Saturday!
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