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Sunday, January 25, 2009
I'm sitting in the Dulles airport typing this on my iPod touch. Except for the tiny keyboard it's incredibly convenient! My flight boards in about half an hour so I'm killing time until then. I'm planning to take tomorrow morning off and sleep in. I'm really looking forward to that. And the warmer weather too!
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Monday, January 19, 2009
I have several topics that I want to write about, but I don't have time to elaborate on them right now. But I would like to say that I've uploaded the first half of photos meant for the Tongariro National Park 12/24/08 album. They are pictures of a waterfall that we believe was used in Lord of the Rings filming. At least, it was mentioned in our LOTR filming locations book. But after watching The Two Towers and Return of the King Dan and I have been unable to identify said waterfall. It was beautiful, though. Hopefully I'll get a chance to load the rest of the Tongariro photos (Whakapapa ski fields, aka Mordor) before I leave for DC on Wednesday. But right now I have some preliminary packing to do.
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Thursday, January 15, 2009
After four workouts in four days my muscles are having trouble responding to movement commands from my brain. But that hasn't kept me from uploading another group of New Zealand photos! Check them out in the Waitomo Caves 12/24/08 album. Dan and I visited the caves on our first full day in New Zealand, which just happened to be Christmas Eve. The caves are famous for housing glowworms, but we didn't get to see too many because of the heavy rains overnight. I know that sounds strange, but the rain caused the river level to rise quickly that morning which forced the tour company to cancel all of their boat outings. We did take a couple of walking tours, though, so we got to see the the interior of the caves. And there were a few glowworms there too so we weren't disappointed.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Thanks to many work-related distractions I got home much later than I would have liked tonight, but I did get a chance to upload the next set of New Zealand photos to Flickr. The newest pictures are located in the Auckland and Port Waikato 12/23/08 album and they were taken the day we arrived in New Zealand. After arriving at the Auckland airport we drove to Port Waikato on the western coast in search of the Lord of the Rings Weathertop filming location. And after a few wrong turns plus a few kilometers on a gravel road we actually found it! It was an absolutely gorgeous spot despite the rain (which we thought was going to follow us all over New Zealand). Even though I had a splitting headache and the combination of airplane food and winding road had given me motion sickness, I still appreciated what a beautiful place it was.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
With the inauguration next week I thought I was safe from business travel for a while. But looking at the latest schedule I may have been wrong. I might have to fly to DC next Tuesday, which is the day of the inauguration. Fun.
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Monday, January 12, 2009
Today was my first aerobics class of the 2009. That's a bit depressing since it's already the 12th, but I hope I have some semblance of an excuse because of my business trip last week. And since Dan and I did some hiking in New Zealand I feel like I didn't completely turn to jelly over the holidays. As I've probably mentioned before, the aerobics instructor at the Boeing fitness center uses the same routine for an entire calendar year. This means that the first few weeks of January are used for her to perfect it and for us to learn it. By the end of the year we can get through classes in our sleep, but at the beginning of the year we're struggling to keep up. Today was one of those struggling days. At least I went and got my workout program started again. And I'll be there again tomorrow to keep it going!
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Sunday, January 11, 2009
While watching the Golden Globes red carpet arrivals I figured out how to correctly upload photos from Dan's iPhoto library to Flickr. It's all a matter of finding the original files rather than the thumbnails. After I made this discovery I replaced the photos in my Christmas 12/20/08 album with the original high resolution versions. I also started uploading our New Zealand pictures. So far I've only created one new album, Pre-New Zealand 12/21-12/23/08 which has photos from LA and Fiji, but now that I've figured out the process the rest of the pictures won't be far behind. I'm going to spend the rest of the evening watching the Golden Globes and eating a slice of my birthday pie. Yum!
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Saturday, January 10, 2009
Dan took me to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood to see "Oliver and Company" this afternoon. Does anyone else remember that Disney animated movie? You know, the one based on Oliver Twist, but with animals? Well, I went to see it when it was first released, but at some point today I realized that was more than 20 years ago! It was still a cute movie, but I can see how it's more entertaining to a kid than an adult. After the movie Dan and I had dinner at Craft, which Los Angeles Magazine ranks as one of the best restaurants in LA. And despite the fact that we ordered way too much food, it was a good experience. Our dessert was a homemade peanut butter cup (sooo yummy) and five different kinds of homemade ice cream (pear sorbet, huckleberry ice cream, and caramel, browned butter, and cream cheese gelatos. Right now I'm watching Dan sing to Guitar Hero World Tour. Yes, he bought a microphone today and it's very entertaining. I'm planning to spend what's left of the evening reading a book. It's gonna to be awesome.
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Friday, January 09, 2009
Despite the fact that I didn't get any sleep last night thanks to my warped work schedule and the fact that I had to fly from DC (cold) to Chicago (colder) and then Chicago to LA (not so cold) today, my birthday has been pretty fantastic! The Gators won the National Championship just before midnight on the East Coast so that was a great present right off the bat (I realize this is a mixed sports metaphor). I learned the final score from ESPN.com because I was still at work at the time, but that didn't make the victory any less sweet. I was pretty out of it during the first half of my actual birthday due to sleep deprivation (dozing off on the flights didn't help with that), but I took nap when I got home this afternoon and that made everything better. I woke up when Dan got home from work and he had a wonderful surprise for me - an apple cream cheese birthday pie! Writing about my wish for a fruit-based birthday confection on my webpage really paid off. The entertainment for the evening was an episode of MST 3K called "Laserblast" which turned out to be pretty funny. Now I'm watching Dan play Guitar Hero World Tour and ordering several articles of National Championship apparel (on Dan's laptop because mine is still busted). It's been a great day, and that's saying a lot since my birthday usually turns out badly. But I got back to LA with no problems (despite the snow in Chicago) and I've spent the evening with my amazing husband. What else could a girl ask for? I can't believe I'm 30 years old now!
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Thursday, January 08, 2009
It's great to be a Florida Gator! And it's even greater because I'm flying home tomorrow!
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Wednesday, January 07, 2009
I've decided to make an apple cobbler for my birthday when I get home on Friday. It's my birthday, I can have any kind of cake I want. This is what comes of working a 16-hour overnight shift. But if I end up having to work until I leave for the airport on Friday morning I'll probably be too tired to make my "cake" when I get home. Then I guess the cobbler will have to wait until Saturday. I can't believe I'm thinking about this at 6 AM. I really need some sleep.
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Monday, January 05, 2009
It was about the same temperature when I arrived in DC this evening as when I left LA this morning - around 40 degrees. The difference being that you can put on a heavy coat to keep warm in DC and look normal, but in LA it looks kinda silly. With the winter we've had in LA so far it's been difficult to dress warmly enough without the ol' winter coat. I'm glad I have my coat in DC this week because it looks like there's some bad weather on the way - freezing rain/wintry mix according to the Weather Channel. Unfortunately I left my umbrella at home. There's only so much stuff you can pack in a carry-on sized suitcase. It's a good thing I remembered gloves and a hat this time!
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Sunday, January 04, 2009
I'm leaving for DC tomorrow morning. I have to work the night shift while I'm there, but if I can leave for a few hours on Thursday night I'll be able to watch at least some of the National Championship game. GO GATORS!! I'll be flying back to LA on my birthday (Friday). I was hoping to upload some New Zealand photos before I left town, but as I mentioned yesterday my laptop hasn't been cooperating. I may need to take drastic steps to fix it, but that will have to wait until next weekend. Have a good week everyone!
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Saturday, January 03, 2009
Even though Blogger seems to be working reliably now, my laptop is still out of commission. It conveniently died (again) the morning we left for New Zealand. I just got it back from Best Buy where Geek Squad added some more RAM, but now it won't boot up. Great. I'm using Dan's computer at the moment, but I hate being dependent on it. Since my new iPod touch is linked my laptop I can't download any more movies until it starts working again! And I'm flying to DC on Monday. Please boot little computer!
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Friday, January 02, 2009
It's alive! Blogger posting, that is. Happy New Year!
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