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Friday, April 30, 2010
"Don't let anyone ever make you feel like you don't deserve what you want."
Heath Legder, "10 Things I Hate About You"
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Now that I've started making progress on one of my biggest goals - losing weight - I can start to think about what's next. Since I've been on business travel for two weeks now I don't know exactly what my current weight is, but my immediate target is to get back to my pre-wedding weight. As of two weeks ago I was less than five pounds from reaching that goal, and from the way my clothes are fitting in the last few days I might have already achieved it. As soon as I have access to a bathroom scale I'll let you know. I'm thrilled with my current weight loss, even if it came about due to some extremely unfortunate circumstances. When I was contemplating my goals a few days ago I had two things in mind once I'd hit my pre-wedding weight again, one seemingly more frivolous than the other. My main objective in the near future is to get down to 110 lbs. That's only five pounds lighter than I was at my wedding so it isn't a major drop, but it's a significant milestone for me. I haven't weighed 110 lbs since maybe sometime in grad school when I spent so much time in the lab that I ate almost nothing. I would love to see the number '110' on the scale again. My more frivolous goal as of a few days ago was to buy and wear a pair of skinny jeans. Not my personal "skinny jeans" (you know, the ones women keep around hoping one day they'll fit into them again), but the skinny jeans that are trendy these days. (As far as "skinny jeans" go, mine are the ones I wore on my honeymoon and they actually already fit again. Yay!) Not to alienate any of my male readers, but I always thought I had too much in the hips department to wear the popular skinny jeans, but recently I'm starting to think that anything is possible. Especially since I went ahead and bought my first pair of skinny jeans this week and I love them! (Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook has already read about this and the fact that they're a size 2. Yes, I'm ecstatic about that. Just bear with me while I elaborate a little more here.) I've only had a chance to wear the jeans to work one day so far, but I'm very happy with them. I can't wait to buy more clothes to fit my new slimmer body, and that's saying something since I'm not much of a shopper. What's my next goal now that I've got my skinny jeans? Why, a new bikini of course!
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Thursday, April 29, 2010
I just finished my first night shift at work and I'm exhausted. The shift wasn't any longer than usual, but one day off wasn't enough to acclimate myself to staying awake all night yet. So why aren't I climbing into bed instead of sitting here writing this post, you ask? Because I have a load of clothes in the dryer that I need to go and reclaim from the hotel laundry room in a few minutes. I waited until the last minute to wash clothes on this trip so I couldn't put it off any longer - not even for some much needed sleep. Plus, I finally hit the hotel fitness center yesterday before my work shift so that only adds to the exhaustion. It was my first attempt at exercise in more than a week and it was more difficult than I'd like to admit. I definitely need to make time to hit the gym more often when I travel. The bottom line is that I really need to get to sleep soon. OK, I think my clothes are dry now. Goodnight!
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
NBA Western Conference Round 1, Game 4 - Lakers 89, Thunder 110
NBA Western Conference Round 1, Game 5 - Lakers 111, Thunder 87

Two blowout basketball games - two different outcomes. The good news is that the Lakers are up 3-2 in the series so hopefully they'll be able to close it out on Friday night at the Staples Center. The bad news is that I'm working nights starting tonight so I won't be able to watch the game on TV. I really need to wash my Lakers shirt so I can wear it to work tomorrow. If I can't watch the game I can at least support the team via my wardrobe. Go Lakers!
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Just so you know, I haven't forgotten about the May 1st deadline for Blogger discontinuing their FTP publishing service. While I've been on travel I've spent some time customizing a Wordpress template, but it's proving to be quite difficult due to my lack of CSS knowledge. Instead of having a perfect substitute template ready to go on May 1st I think I'm going to use something simpler for a while until my custom template is ready. So sometime after May 1st there will be a noticeable chance in my homepage. First, and most obviously, it will look different (at least for a while). Second, it will be a clean slate as far as posts go. All of the archives of my Blogger posts (June 2000 to April 2010) will still be resident on my Yahoo account, but none of the posts will ever show up on my main page. But don't worry, I'll put links to the archives on my main page so they'll be easy to find. Although I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who ever looks back at my old posts to see what I wrote years ago. I can't believe I've been blogging for almost ten years. Here's to another ten years! Just not on Blogger, I guess.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010
"When a guy falls in love with me I want it to be because I am interesting on the inside. I want him to think I am smart, funny, and kind and to see me as more beautiful because of those qualities. ... So, in my mind, being the plain but confident girl that I am has its advantages. One day I will find a guy who feels the same way about this as I do and we will live happily ever after."
April 21, 2001 diary entry
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I've never been what you might call stylish. In high school I managed to wear a few trendy items, but I wasn't even remotely a fashion plate. Since I started college I've been most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans (or shorts during the scorching Florida summers) because clothes don't seem as important as they did in high school. Not that I don't like feeling good in my clothes, but I don't have much patience for shopping. That is, I usually can't stand it long enough to actually find clothes that I like and also fit well. And don't even get my started on the lack of clothes for women my age. I walked into Abercrombie today and I felt like I was 100 years old! But I digress. My excuse for not branching out style-wise in the past few years is because I wasn't happy with my body. I gained about fifteen pounds since my wedding and that made me want to to use clothes to hide my body rather than showing it off. But now that I'm making some significant progress on my weight loss goal, shopping isn't nearly as scary as it used to be. In fact, sometimes it's fun! I've finally started replacing my collection of old worn out t-shirts with some of the new longer ones that are in style now. My favorite t-shirts have always been from Old Navy, but when I noticed that the bottom hem was getting lower and lower I stopped buying them because they hugged curves on my lower body that I didn't like to admit I had. But now that I've lost some weight and those curves have smoothed out I can wear the longer t-shirts without being self-conscious. It's so nice to be able to walk into Old Navy and grab a bunch of size small basic t-shirts and know they're going to look good when I wear them. As an educated woman I know my body image shouldn't influence the way I feel about myself as a person, but unfortunately it always does. The good thing is I feel feel better about every aspect of myself these days so it all works out. More details on my weight loss goals and my venture into new (and possibly stylish) clothes is coming soon.
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Saturday, April 24, 2010
NBA Western Conference Round 1, Game 2 - Lakers 95, Thunder 92
NBA Western Conference Round 1, Game 3 - Lakers 96, Thunder 101

Since I can't sleep I might as well post the scores from the last two Lakers games. I watched most of Game 2 while walking on the treadmill in my hotel's fitness center. I'll bet the guy on the elliptical thought my periodic cheers and boos were pretty strange! It was great to see the Lakers win that game because it was close right down to the buzzer. However, it was probably a blessing I was at work during Game 3 last night because I hate to watch the Lakers lose. But since it was an away game it's not really a huge surprise. I'm going to do my best to watch part of Game 4 tonight after I get back from work. Hopefully they'll have a better showing in Oklahoma this time. Go Lakers!
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010
The Laker's game starts at 10:30 PM here on the East Coast. Turns out being on the opposite coast as your favorite team is difficult. Good thing I'm working second shift tomorrow so I can stay up and watch the without worrying about getting up early in the morning. I think I'll go work out in the hotel fitness center while the game's on. Might as well burn some calories while watching the Lakers win!
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Monday, April 19, 2010
I have an amusing anecdote to share from work last week. At the time of the incident I had been working for close to sixteen hours so I was worn out and mentally exhausted, making this situation seem absolutely hilarious. And since it still seems funny now that I'm well-rested and looking back on it, I figured it was worthy of sharing. To set the scene, that day management had provided pizza and soda for lunch because we were working such long hours. The pizza was put in a nearby conference room to keep it out of our way, and it had been sitting there for several hours. Jon is one of my co-workers.

  • Lauren and Jon walk into the conference room to get some soda.
  • Jon does a little dance to try and get the lights to come on. It doesn't work.
  • Lauren laughs. Especially since the lights aren't controlled by motion detectors in this particular room.
  • The following conversation ensues as we stare at the lunch leftovers:
  • Lauren: "Mmm, cinnamon bread sticks!"
  • Jon: "Those are pretty good with this dipping sauce." *Accidentally sticks finger in the sauce* "Oops, I didn't mean to do that. Oh well." *Licks finger* "Ugh, that's not frosting, it's ranch! Yuck!"
  • Lauren: *Laughs hysterically and hands Jon some napkins.*
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    Sunday, April 18, 2010
    NBA Western Conference Round 1, Game 1 - Lakers 87, Thunder 79

    I went to work for a couple of hours today, but I made sure that I got back to my hotel in time to watch the Lakers' first playoff game. And it's a good thing too because they started their series against the Thunder off right with a win. Watching the Lakers win is always fun. I wouldn't call myself a fair weather Lakers fan exactly, but I'll admit that I only watch them consistently during the playoffs. (Although Dan and I did watch their first game of this season to see the presentation of last year's championship rings.) I made sure to wear one of my Lakers shirts today to bring them a little luck. It's the only one I brought with me on this trip so I need to make sure it's clean again for the next time I get to watch a game. I have no idea when that's going to be considering how erratic my work schedule is for the next couple of weeks. I'm just glad I got to watch them win one game. Here's hoping for a bunch more. GO LAKERS!
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    Saturday, April 17, 2010
    What elephant in the room?

    So I'm in DC again, and jet lag is seriously messing up my weekend. I slept ten hours last night and didn't get out of bed until about noon. Not that I slept very well because I was plagued by nightmares - just like during my last trip out here. I'm afraid that's a bad sign, but I'm trying to ignore that thought for now. This afternoon I went to work for a few hours, but I was just too tired to really get much accomplished. I blame jet lag. Convenient, huh? So I grabbed some dinner and came back to my hotel room for a little relaxation. I plan to watch movies and go to sleep as early as I can tonight. We'll see how that works out Tomorrow I really do need to get some work done, plus I have to go shopping for groceries for the week. I guess I need to exercise too. I'm just not motivated today. Hopefully that will change tomorrow.
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    Thursday, April 15, 2010
    Still ignoring the obvious topic...

    Iíve been in denial about Blogger discontinuing their FTP publishing service because that means Iíll have to find another way to easily (and cheaply) update and manage my webpage, which is hosted by Yahoo. But now that Iíve come to terms with that fact, Iíve decided to start experimenting with other blogging methods to see if thereís something out there that will suit my needs. To be honest, Iím not very optimistic about finding something that will seamlessly take Bloggerís place. It's very possible that I'll just end up managing my webpage manually on Yahoo, but Iím not going to give up just yet. I recently discovered that I can manage a blog via an integrated Wordpress interface from my Yahoo account. This just might work, but it turns out that I'm a very demanding blogger. The first order of business - finding a decent page template. Since Iím only semi-proficient at HTML and since Wordpress uses CSS (of which I know nothing), it looks like Iím going to have to find a pre-canned template that I can live with. Ideally, I would just import the HTML template from Blogger that I created myself, but I don't think that's going to be possible. At least not without some serious CSS education. Isn't blogging supposed to be simple?
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    Wednesday, April 14, 2010
    Ignoring the obvious topic for now...

    The Orange County Public Library has failed me. I have four books on hold right now and I was hoping to be able to pick up at least one of them before leaving for DC opn Friday morning, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Since the branch that my books will be delivered to will be closed tomorrow, today was the last possible day for me to get any of them before my trip. And I was hopeful that everything was going to fall into place until I checked my account online this afternoon. Unfortunately none of the books were ready for pick up. Phooey. I guess I'll just have to cancel my holds for now and attempt to check out the books again when I get back in early May. Or maybe I'll decide that it's worth the money to download some of them on my Kindle while I'm out of town. Nothing beats getting books that I've put on hold for a quarter from the library, though. We'll see how desperate I get for reading material in the next three weeks.
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