Honeymoon (Three years ago today, part 4)

On the way to New Zealand

Ever since we first saw the Lord of the Rings movies Dan and I wanted to visit New Zealand, so we figured our honeymoon was as good a time as any to do just that. When we started planning our honeymoon we weren’t able to get a flight until several months after our wedding because we were using frequent flier miles to get the tickets. It took some persistence, but after quite a few follow up calls to the airline we were able to get two business class seats on a flight from Los Angeles to Auckland (with a stopover in Fiji) leaving on June 25, 2007. Perfect! Unfortunately Dan had another obligation that day that threatened to ruin our best-laid plans. The final exam for one of his classes at USC was originally scheduled to take place while we were going to be in New Zealand. This was a little problem. Dan’s professor wasn’t inclined to make an exception for him at first, which really would have ruined his grade for the semester, but eventually he gave Dan a chance to take the exam on Monday, June 25th – one day after we got back from our wedding in San Diego, and the same day we were leaving on our honeymoon. It wasn’t an ideal solution, but it worked. So on June 25th Dan drove up to USC, took his exam, and drove back to our house as quickly as he could, beating our taxi to the airport by only about half an hour. In the end everything worked out great – Dan’s grade was saved and we got to go on the honeymoon of our dreams. The photo above was taken by either a flight attendant on our Air Pacific flight to Nadi, Fiji or a fellow business class traveler. It’s not the best picture of Dan and me, but it definitely illustrates how thrilled we were to be on our way to New Zealand. Our honeymoon couldn’t have been better and I thank my lucky stars that everything fell in to place to make that trip possible.

P.S. Although I could easily continue this series, this will be my last “Three years ago today” post. After everything that’s happened so far in 2010 I feel like this anniversary is an important one for Dan and me and that’s why I’ve devoted so much time and space to it here. And I’m still planning a post or two about our anniversary celebration last week so you’re not done reading about it yet!