“Fall and winter clothes are more practical in LA because it doesn’t get that warm here (in my opinion), even in the summer. In fact, when Dan and I went to Florida last July I had to buy shorts for the trip because I hadn’t owned any since I was in college. But corduroy pants are something I can wear practically year-round so I bought three pairs.”
8/3/09 webpage post

I was lured to Old Navy on Sunday by the promise of corduroy pants, which I was excited to see online, but when I got to the mall there were no corduroys to be found. Very disappointing. On Saturday I was reading through my webpage posts from last August and I noticed that I bought my favorite corduroy pants at Old Navy just about one year ago. Unfortunately those pants are barely wearable anymore since I’ve lost weight. It’s a shame really because I have three pairs of them that I wear at least once a week (with long shirts so no one notices how baggy they are in the waist), but they really are just too big. Earlier this year I resorted to putting the pants in the dryer (which is something I never do with pants that fit correctly) to try and shrink them and keep them from falling off. This was only marginally successful, but it did make them a little smaller, and therefore somewhat wearable. But after seeing corduroy pants on the Old Navy website this weekend I was looking forward to the opportunity to buy some new pairs that actually fit! So of course I was disappointed when the store didn’t have any on Sunday, but I was told to come back next week because they will probably be in stock by then. So maybe I won’t have to wait much longer to have some pants to wear to work that fit properly. I’m really looking forward to that.

I did have some shopping success on Sunday, not just at Old Navy where I bought a pair of jeans and a couple of t-shirts, but at Naturalizer where I got two pairs of shoes for work. I have a notoriously hard time finding shoes that fit my feet, which is one of the reasons that I love Naturalizers. Not only are they comfortable, but they come in narrow widths which is a rarity in the world of American shoes. I have really narrow feet which makes finding shoes that I can wear without them falling off really difficult. So I was very excited to find not one, but two pairs of black flats (my favorite color and style of shoe for work) at Naturalizer on Sunday. They weren’t cheap, but after having only limited luck in the shoe department over the last couple of years (my old pair of black flats are so old that they squeak when I walk and I’ve used a Sharpie to fill in all of the scuff marks), I gladly paid the price for the two pairs of shoes and took them home. But what did I find sitting on the counter in plain sight when I got home? A 20% off coupon that would have saved me a lot of money. That’s what I call a total coupon fail. And if I didn’t feel like enough of an idiot after that, what do you think I found in the newspaper when I was clipping coupons later that day? An Old Navy coupon. Double coupon fail! I’m probably not as frugal as I should be, but knowing that I paid more than I had to for all of my purchases on Sunday is very annoying. The good news is that the coupons don’t expire until the end of the month so I can use them on future shopping trips, assuming I can find anything else that I want to buy. Believe it or not, that’s a tall order when I go shopping.

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  1. I felt like an idiot when I was balancing my checkbook and found a $5 off coupon for groceries that I had clipped and put in my wallet. I totally forgot about it and by the time I found it, it had expired. Shoot.

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