Not a joke

Long day. Tomorrow is going to be even longer. Need sleep.
5:04 PM Aug 17th via web

Just picked up some doughnuts for work. Let’s see how long I can resist before I eat one myself.
5:45 AM Aug 18th via Twitter for iPhone

Time for bed. One more crazy day before I can relax.
9:33 PM Aug 18th via Twitter for iPhone

At work early again. Box of doughnuts in the backseat of my car. I’m not going to fight the craving today!
5:44 AM Aug 19th via Twitter for iPhone

Crazy day done! Tomorrow I am sleeping in until at least 7 AM!
6:07 PM Aug 19th via web

This is a great Friday. No work this weekend!
6:24 PM Aug 20th via Twitter for iPhone

I didn’t mean for my last post to be a joke, but based on the fact that it’s been nine days and I haven’t written another word, it’s starting to seem like one. I should have known that as soon as I posted something about intending to write more that life would find a way of preventing me from following through with it. I also should have remembered that work was eating me alive at the time I wrote that post. The previous week had been crazy (~60 hours at work), and with an important event that I was in charge of coming up, the next week promised to just as bad. So I have no explanation for why I was so optimistic about increasing the frequency of my posts at that particular time. Now that things have slowed down a bit at work I can look back and realize that it was an impossibility. I’ve even included a few excerpts from my Twitter feed to prove it. It didn’t matter that I had several topics that I wanted to write about (some left over from the previous week and some new) because I had neither the time nor the energy to sit down and type anything more than a quick Twitter update at any point during the day. I was really drained by the time Friday rolled around, which was the first day the first day in two weeks that I hadn’t gotten to work before the crack of dawn. As far as the weekend goes, I have no excuse for not posting then. Laziness maybe? I need a completely relaxing day (or days) every once in a while to make me feel like a human being, and I took advantage of the work-free weekend to recharge my batteries. But now that my work schedule has evened out a little I have every intention of resuming my regular posting schedule. So stay tuned!