Labor Day weekend

While I don’t have the energy to write about our entire Labor Day weekend right now, I submit for your approval a couple of photos instead. First we have a picture of the cranberry barbeque turkey meatballs I made during the Florida vs. Miami (Ohio) football game on Saturday morning. They were incredibly simple to make and they turned our pretty tasty too. I’m not crazy about the type of frozen meatballs I used, though, so I think I’ll have to try this recipe again with a different brand to see if I can improve the result. They are definitely good football-watching fare. Go Gators! (I’m going to refrain from writing about the actual game here because, let’s face it, the Gator Nation was a bit embarrassed by it. But a win’s a win as far as the polls are concerned.)

The second picture is of the two Vinylmation figurines that Dan and I bought at Downtown Disney last night. Apparently these things are the latest crazy in Disney collectibles because they’re in every Disney-related store in the area. There are several different series of Vinylmation figures, and they’re wrapped up so tightly in boxes and bags in order to keep you from knowing exactly what you’re buying until you pay and open it. Dan and I picked out a couple of boxes from the Muppet series of Vinylmation, each of us hoping for a certain character, but we waited until we got home to open them up. When we were at the store Dan remarked how much he hates Bean Bunny. I personally love Bean Bunny, but which character do you think he found when he unwrapped his Vinylmation figurine? Yeah, he wasn’t too happy to come face to face with Bean Bunny. Mine turned out to be Rizzo the Rat, who I love so I was pleased. I was really hoping to get the Swedish Chef or Sweetums, but Rizzo is cool too. We’ll have to pick out a couple more of these Muppet Vinylmations the next time we’re at Disney to see if we can collect some different characters.