In-flight post #5 – Where did October go?

You guessed it! I didn’t pay for inflight internet yet again. This means that you’ll be subjected to another one of these italicized prefaces explaining how I wrote this post on the plane, but waited to publish it until I got home. Let’s move on, shall we?

So here I am, sitting on yet another cross-country flight after yet another business trip. This is something like my seventh so far this year and I’ve got at least one more before 2010 is over. All this week I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to write while I was on this plane with no other obligations keeping me from my laptop, but now that I’m here, my creative energy is nowhere to be found. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that today was another unintended 12-hour workday, my fourth this week, and I’m completely exhausted. It doesn’t help that I was already asleep at 8 PM every night, the same time my flight took off from Dulles. The good news is that because I’m on an evening flight instead of one early in the morning, I can watch some decent television. Like tonight’s Laker game! It starts in a few minutes and I’m looking forward to watching it without all the distractions that usually present themselves when I’m at home. Like chores. Nothing can keep me from being excited about going home, though. Sleeping in my own bed and waking up when I’m good and ready, instead of when my cell phone alarm goes off at 4 AM, is incredibly enticing. Seeing my husband won’t be half bad either! At least I have the weekend ahead of me before I have to go back to work (hopefully, but you never know). And it’s Halloween too! The first of the big end-of-the-year holidays and I’m thrilled. On October 1st as I was flying back from my last business trip I was already marveling at how fast the year was flying by, and now October is almost over. The holiday season starts as soon as October arrives, as far as I’m concerned, and every year I am determined to enjoy these last three months as much as possible. So now I’m wondering, where did October go? I suppose most of it was swallowed up by work, considering how many hours both Dan and I put in this month, but it’s like the rest of it was gone in the blink of an eye. Tomorrow night Dan and I will don costumes and attend Jim and Melissa’s Halloween party. Pardon me, All Hallows Eve party. We look forward to these Halloween get-togethers every year, but due to the dress code for this particular party, we won’t be wearing the costumes we originally planned for Halloween. But don’t worry, those costumes are still in work because we’re hosting another costume party at our house next weekend. It might seem strange to have a costume party after Halloween, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to entertain, even if it is in November. Plus, it gives us an extra week to get everything ready (especially since I’ve been out of town this past week). On Sunday my only plan is to watch Halloween movies and pass out handfuls of candy to trick-or-treaters. Hopefully we can get our yard sufficiently decorated before then. It’s always fun to sit in our living room and hear how amazed the kids and parents are by our graveyard setup as they walk down our driveway. And how many days out of the year can you legitimately watch “Hocus Pocus” and “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” without feeling silly? Only on Halloween.

I’m counting on this weekend to re-energize me for the week ahead. As usual, it promises to be crazy at work. I have a feeling the rest of the year is going to be like this and I don’t know if I can keep up the same pace that long. So how else do I plan to relax this weekend? Well, I’m definitely going to watch the Florida football game tomorrow, which will hopefully turn out to be relaxing rather than heartbreaking. I was foolishly optimistic as I sat down to watch the Alabama and LSU games, and I was disappointed both times, but I couldn’t have realistically expected either outcome to be any different based on our opponent’s rankings. But on the weekend Florida played Mississippi State I thought for sure the losing streak was over. I was wrong, but at least I was having fun at Disneyland with Dan that day so I was spared witnessing the loss firsthand. (Does watching something on TV count as firsthand? Probably not, but just humor me for a minute.) Three losses in a row is almost unheard of for Florida in recent memory. I do recall that 2007, which was between their two national championships, was a three-loss season (as I mentioned in a previous post). But with three losses already in the books and so many threatening opponents still on the schedule, how can we expect the 2010 season to end? Tomorrow the Gators are taking on the Georgia Bulldogs and, being a true fan, I will watch even though I have no illusions as to the outcome. I will be ecstatic if Florida wins, but I won’t be surprised if they lose. As a University of Florida alumnus I hate to say that, but in order to keep college football from making me crazy, I have to be prepared for any result when the Gators takes the field. I got way too worked up over their losses to Alabama and LSU and the last thing I need is to cry my eyes out over a football game. Of course I’m writing this as I’m watching the Lakers vs. Suns game while my plane slowly makes its way to Los Angeles. I never watched NBA basketball before I moved to LA, but as I’m sure you can tell by my posts during the playoffs, I have definitely jumped on the Laker bandwagon. I’m in a good mood right now, despite how exhausted I am, because the Lakers are winning. But not by much. I should strive to my mellower about Laker games as well. And New Zealand All Black’s rugby matches. That reminds me that they are playing in Hong Kong tomorrow and I need to add the match to our DVR as soon as I get home tonight. I have no idea when the topic of this post switched to sports. I apologize. All week I planned to write about October and Halloween, but as I’ve been sitting here I think my train of thought has been influenced by the free Virgin America satellite television. The channel selection is limited, but still perfect for someone like me who needs to be entertained on a flight. So here’s to the last two days of October because I know I’ll enjoy Halloween, no matter how many of my favorite sports teams lose.