Christmas Eve goals

My goals for Christmas Eve 2010:
1) Wrap Dan’s Christmas presents. This can absolutely, positively NOT be put off until tomorrow.
2) Take out the trash. This will be much easier than earlier in the week when we had six straight days of rain.
3) Upload the rest of our Hawaiian vacation photos and videos. This will probably take a while.
4) Upload pictures of our Christmas tree. This is a secondary goal, assuming I finish the Hawaii photos.
5) Laundry. I am so far behind on this particular chore and I really don’t want to have to do it tomorrow.
6) Figure out Christmas Eve dinner. I cancelled tonight’s dinner reservation because I’m sick so now we need an alternative.
7) Figure out Christmas Day dinner. I have no plans for dinner tomorrow yet and I’ll bet the grocery store is a madhouse.
8) Type up the chili recipes that were a hit with my coworkers at our holiday potluck last Friday. This will appease the folks who visit my webpage just for the food.
9) Post something substantial to my webpage for folks looking for something other than recipes. Because let’s face it, I’m evil and this lack of regular posting must stop.
10) Watch at least one Christmas movie!