Just too tired

It’s Saturday, and Saturdays are meant for relaxing, right? Well, then this Saturday has failed me. I woke up earlier than I would have liked to, went to work for a full eight hours, and then came home to spend what remained of the day with my husband. We went to dinner at a restaurant we’d never been to before, which is usually a great experience, but I didn’t like this one very much. I think my meal choices could have been better. Now I’m struggling to stay awake long enough to write this meager post before I crash. I’m so tired that I even brought my laptop to bed with me so that I could go right to sleep when I’m done. (Plus, it’s warmer here than in our chilly living room.) I know I’ve written more than anyone could possibly ever want to read about my work this week so I’ll spare you more of that today. I do have to go back in the morning, though, at least for a few hours. I hate it, but at least I’m getting paid for working overtime. I absolutely have to be home in time to watch the Lakers vs. Celtics game at 12:30 tomorrow so at least I have a definite stop time. My goals for tomorrow are to get ready for my trip and spend some quality time with Dan. Sitting on the couch watching a basketball game with him and not worrying about anything else sounds wonderful right now.

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