Pumpkin juice and Butterbeer

I’m flying back to Los Angeles in the morning, but I did get a chance to upload all of the photos from my fabulous vist to the Wizarding World on Harry Potter on Saturday. Here is a link to the Orlando 3/23-3/28/11 album in case anyone wants to see them. The above photo is of a bottle of pumpkin juice and a mug of frozen butterbeer that we sampled. Both were delicious, in case you were wondering. I would love to have access to these Harry Potter treats on a regular basis. My parents and I really enjoyed our time in Harry Potter’s world, but today we drove back to Tampa from Orlando and now we’re at the Airport Marriott so that it will be easy for me to get to my flight tomorrow. I’ve had a great trip to Florida, but I’ll be glad to get back home tomorrow afternoon. I just hope the predicted thunderstorms don’t keep my flight from taking off in the morning. I have a connecting flight in Denver and I don’t want to miss it because of the weather. Right now I need to re-pack my suitcase and see if I can fit everything that I brought with me plus everything that I’ve bought on this trip in it. It’s going to be difficult!