Planning dinner

I wrote this post on Monday while sitting in the Denver airport waiting for my flight to Los Angeles. You know you can’t escape posts about food on this blog! Can you tell I was hungry when I wrote this?

I’m really anxious to get back to cooking this week, even though I haven’t set a precedent of regular weeknight meal preparation (unless it’s leftovers, of course). I was hoping to get home early enough to make a Greek-Style Skillet Supper recipe from McCormick that I saw in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago. It looks simple enough, so since my flight was scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles before 1 PM I figured I would have plenty of time to go to the grocery store, pick up the ingredients, and whip up a batch for dinner. Well, the best laid plans, and all that. My original flight from Denver to LA was supposed to leave at 11:18 AM so I was very worried when my flight from Tampa didn’t land until 10:55 AM. I thought I just might have enough time to run and catch the plane before it left but it was going to be close. But then I checked my email as we were taxiing to the gate and got a message that my 11:18 AM flight had been cancelled and I had been rebooked on a flight at 2:24 PM instead. That eliminated my fear of missing my connection, but all of a sudden I was left with three hours at the Denver airport with nothing to do. So I sat down at an empty gate, where I am right now, and started writing this post. Great story, right? My life is so exciting. But anyway, back to the food! Dan and I are big fans of Greek food, especially due to its affinity for garlic, and I love the idea of a Greek-inspired meal that’s not my usual meatballs with tzatziki sauce (although I’ll probably make some anyway just in case this recipe is lacking in flavor for some reason). This recipe seems perfect for a weeknight meal, with just a few ingredients with fuss-free preparation, so I’m really curious to find out how it tastes. I was considering substituting ground lamb for the ground beef, but I’ve heard it can be very dry and it’s difficult to find at my local grocery store anyway. So tonight, assuming I have time when I get home, I will give this new recipe a try (and you know I’ll take photos and blog about it later so the results will be well documented). I’m crossing my fingers for a good meal. On a side note, I’ve wanted to try making gyro meat for a long time now, but I’ve been too afraid of an inedible or just mediocre result to attempt it yet. But since I’ll never know until I try, I should make a special trip to Whole Foods this week to get some ground lamb. I need to make a long grocery list, but right now I’m going to go wander around the Denver airport to kill some more time before my flight home. Only about an hour and a half left!