Pleasant Valley Sunday

I love Sundays. I usually spend the morning reading in bed, trying to make as little noise as possible so Dan can sleep as long as he wants, until I’m shamed into getting up and doing something outside of my bedroom. Then I manage to fill the rest of my day with cooking, watching TV, maybe a little cleaning, and generally enjoying time with my husband. It’s wonderful. Yesterday was a little different, though. I still read quite a bit of City of Fallen Angels on my Kindle after I woke up, but at 10:30 AM I snuck out of the house to go see “Jane Eyre” while Dan was still sleeping. I was dying to see the latest theatrical version of the Bronte novel, but I didn’t want to make Dan sit through what is essentially a chick flick, even though it’s a classic story. The movie was brilliant so I’m glad I went. It made me want to read the book again, and luckily for me I brought my high school copy of Jane Eyre with me to California all those years ago. Too bad I’m in the middle of City of Fallen Angels right now, and I also I picked up the second and third Hunger Games books at the library today. Charlotte Bronte is just going to have to wait for a little while. Late yesterday afternoon Dan and I headed to Downtown Disney to grab an early dinner and hopefully do some Vinylmation shopping. Dan completed his “Nightmare Before Christmas” Vinylmation collection yesterday while I searched in vain for the wildly popular Star Wars series. But they were sold out, just like at Downtown Disney in Orlando last month. Darn. I did pick up a single box from the Animation #1 Series, though. Our next stop was Catal Restaurant for dinner. In our experience, this is the best place to eat at Downtown Disney because it’s about as close to fine dining as you can get in the vicinity of Disneyland (unless you’re lucky enough to eat at Club 33, that is). Dan and I had a great meal, including a fantastic cheese spread for dessert. Before we left the restaurant I opened my Vinlymation in case it turned out to be one we already own because there are trade in options at the store where I bought it. But when I saw what was inside that box I knew I wouldn’t be exchanging it. It was a pink elephant. If you’re not familiar with Vinlymations, each series had a mystery figurine called the “chaser” that is rare and highly coveted. The pink elephant is the chaser for the Animation #1 Series (well, one of three colored elephants) and I got it! Very Cool. It was a good way to end a lovely Sunday. Too bad the weekend had to end!