The Royal Wedding

When I woke up yesterday at 5 AM PST the Royal Wedding was already over. I DVRed it, though, and I was planning to watch it in its entirety over the weekend. Despite my plans, as soon as I turned off the alarm on my iPhone yesterday morning I eagerly pulled up the MSNBC website to see if they had any photos. That was the first time I saw Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. She looked absolutely gorgeous. I was afraid that because she was marrying an heir to the British throne that she’d fall victim to an over-the-top dress design that would completely swallow her up (like Diana did, honestly). But the sleek, sophisticated, Grace Kelly-esque gown that she chose was spectacular. I loved everything about it. Her tiara borrowed from the Queen and beautifully simple veil were perfect too. (Does anyone know why she carried such a small bouquet, though? I looked at photos from the wedding of another one of the Queen’s grandsons, Peter Philips, and the bride’s bouquet was enormous! Personal preference, I guess?) I recorded something like 12 hours of royal wedding coverage on BBC America yesterday and Dan and I watched the highlights of the arrivals, ceremony, recessionals, and balcony appearance of the newlyweds (fast forwarding through most of it). There were still hours of coverage left when we turned off the TV late last night to go to bed, but I’d seen everything I wanted to. I couldn’t help but smile through most of it because it seemed like such a joyous occasion. The bride and groom looked radiantly happy, sneaking glances and smiling at each at each other throughout the ceremony. I just couldn’t stop admiring Kate’s wedding gown, though. But Kate didn’t look better than me on my wedding day, did she? Just kidding – of course she did!

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