Thankful for today

Here’s what I’m thankful for today:
1) My husband. When I called him from work way too early this morning and woke him up he was sweet enough to agree to leave a spare house key under the welcome mat because I forgot to bring mine with me today. I’m sorry baby! You’re wonderful!
2) My work. Despite the long hours and occasional frustration, I am incredibly thankful to have a job that challenges me and is fulfilling more often than not. It really is my dream job. Paying the bills is nice too!
3) My husband’s car. As nervous as I am driving it, our little family would have a hard time functioning with just one car. Los Angeles just isn’t conducive to it. It helps that the M3 is fun to drive after you get comfortable in it.
4) My house. You know, the place where I’m lounging on a couch, watching TV, and writing this very post right now? That’s it. My personal oasis. I’m so grateful to have a house to come home to after work every day with only the outlying threats of earthquakes and tsunamis to worry about.
5) The weekend. This week has been crazy so far so I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend. Cooking, reading, watching TV, etc. Unfortunately I have to clean the house this weekend too, but it’s a necessary evil of home ownership.
6) Clif Bars. In my opinion they’re the best on-the-go meal option out there. Having one or two Clif Bars in my work bag gives me all the nourishment I need for a long day at work, especially when I’m tied to my desk and don’t have time to go out to lunch.
7) Diet soda. It’s not just for breakfast anymore. It was my breakfast this morning, though. I needed the caffeine to wake me up!
8) My co-worker who told me that my hair looked like spun gold this morning. What a great compliment!
9) Cool weather. I love opening the windows in my house or my car and feeling a cool breeze. I also love wearing my Gator sweatshirts to work on Fridays and cool weather in Los Angeles allows me to do that almost all year long.
10) Fridays! Enough said!

Many thanks to my friend Jamie for her wonderful writing that’s constantly reminding me to sit down and think about everything that I’m thankful for!

One thought on “Thankful for today

  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out again. Great list. I love the compliment (I love unique compliments like that, not just, “Nice hair.”), the “personal oasis” (such a good name for your home), and cool weather, even though I’m extremely jealous about that one. Summer is sinking in in Florida, and I’m rapidly approaching miserable.

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