Thankful Thursday

My gratitude list last week made me feel so good that I think I’m going to write one every Thursday. I know quite a few blogs have “Thankful Thursday” posts so I’m glad to be picking up on this trend. Spending time thinking about all of the things I’m grateful for is such a great exercise. I always feel better about the world afterwards. So what am I grateful for today?

1) My husband. Even though he was half asleep this morning when I left for work he still smiled at me and kissed me goodbye.
2) Half days at work. I only needed to work four hours today to round out my week (our pay periods end on Thursday) so I got as much done as I could in the morning and left at lunchtime. This made me feel giddy and a little bit guilty. I have so much to do at work, but I’m really enjoying spending the afternoon at home. Especially since it’s quiet today, unlike last Friday when the street outside my house was being torn up.
3) Grocery shopping in the middle of the day. It’s stress free, the checkout lines are short, and the store actually has a better selection because the after work crowd hasn’t picked over everything yet.
4) Hummus and chips for lunch. I seriously need to branch out.
5) Watching trashy TV. I hate to admit it, but I watched several episodes of “Real Housewives of Orange County” after I got home today. It’s like watching a train wreck! It’s one of my guilty pleasures – mindless and relaxing.
6) Homemade cookies. My second batch of 5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies didn’t turn out as well as the first one, probably because I used generic grocery store brand peanut butter rather than the pricier Laura Scudder’s. The cookies still taste good, but the texture is a little…off. Next time I’ll fork over the extra $1.50 for the good peanut butter.
7) Leisurely housework. I love having tons of time to get things done. All of the dishes are washed, laundry is in progress, and dinner is on the stove. I feel good!
8) Meal planning. While not all of my new recipes turn out that well, I love picking them out and planning to make them. Dan is going out of town again next week and I need to select a few new recipes to try while he’s gone. I’m like a mad scientist, except in the kitchen rather than of a laboratory.
9) Everyone who reads my inane daily ramblings. I can’t believe that today is the 139th day of 2011 and when I hit publish this will be my 139th post of the year. Crazy. But evern more than that, I can’t believe anyone would read all of the stuff I write! Bless you all!
10) Fridays! I have a feeling this is going to be the last item on every gratitude list.

One thought on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Love it. I love the simple things, like grocery shopping in the middle of the day (my fave time to do it too!) and guilty pleasures.

    I am still so jealous of your good meal planning. I am trying to start meal planning and still am not doing well. I enjoy cooking but hate making decisions! I also love grocery shopping and couponing and saving tons of money, but so often I get home with incomplete meals. Must stop this.

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