Thankful Thursday 5/26/11

Here’s what I’m thankful for today…

1) Half days of work. Especially when the four hours I do spend in the office are uber-productive. I went to the Angels game today at 12:35 PM with a bunch of my co-workers so we headed to the stadium at lunchtime, but I felt much less guilty taking the afternoon off because I got so much done before I left.
2) Baseball. I’m not an Angel’s fan, but I love baseball so I really enjoyed spending a gorgeous afternoon at Angel Stadium today. I wasn’t able to get my usual BBQ sandwich for lunch, but I did have a hotdog and sweet potato fries while watching the game. It was a good time with my co-workers.
3) My sun hat. My parents bought me an orange bucket hat with UPF 30 at the Columbia outlet in Tampa in March and today it kept me from getting sunburned. Our seats for the game were in the shade, but I’m so fair-skinned that in years past I’ve gotten burned just walking to and from the stadium. But today I had my hat so I was protected.
4) My commute. While this might seem like an odd thing to be thankful for, I am extremely grateful to drive against traffic, rather than with it, both on my way to work and on my way home. So unless there’s an accident on the freeway I almost never get stuck in traffic. It’s wonderful.
5) A clean house. I scheduled a Merry Maids cleaning today and walking into my house this afternoon was like a dream come true. Since Dan and I work full time (and sometimes more than that), we don’t like spending our free time cleaning. Paying someone else to clean the house is definitely worth it.
6) No obligations. My to do list for today is extremely short for a change so when I got home today I just flopped down on the couch for some serious TV watching and web surfing. No dishes to wash, no clothes to launder, and no trash to take out. And later I plan to spend at least an hour reading before I go to sleep. I feel so free!
7) My husband. He’ll be home from his trip tomorrow night! Hooray!