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***On Friday I realized that I wore basically the same t-shirt to the gym and then to work. I started out in an bright orange shirt with “Gators” printed on the front in blue. Then after my shower I put on a navy blue shirt with “Gators” printed on the front in orange. I really need to diversify my wardrobe.

***Speaking of diversifying my wardrobe, today I realized that I wore two Harry Potter t-shirts. First thing this morning I put on the Ravenclaw shirt I bought at Harry Potter World, and then I packed my Hogwarts Quidditch shirt to wear at the gym. I am such a nerd! I wore a Strong Bad t-shirt home from the gym, but I don’t think that makes me any cooler.

***I only feel slightly guilty about wearing a sweater and driving around with my car windows open while the rest of the country is experiencing record high temperatures. I actually got cold standing outside during our Hawaiian party last weekend. There aren’t too many places you can be cold in July, but the Southern California coast is one of them.

***The movie “Death Race” was starting on FX just as I got on the elliptical machine at the gym this morning. I wasn’t really all that interested in the movie (not like “The Proposal” last weekend), but I watched it anyway. I think I remember “Death Race” bombing at the box office, but I have to admit that I got caught up in it as I was exercising. It was a fairly exciting action movie. I was sorry I didn’t get to see the end!

***I left my credit card at Pizzeria Mozza last night. How stupid, especially since the restaurant is in Hollywood which can be an hour’s drive away. I wondered whether it would just be easier to havel them cut up the card and get a new one, but Dan came up with a much more appealing option. We made reservations for dinner next Saturday at their sister restaurant, Osteria Mozza, which is right next door. This way we’ll be able to pick up my credit card and get a fabulous meal. Perfect!

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