Lessons learned

Dan and I spent several hours today decorating our front yard (what there is of it) for Halloween. The tiny bit of grass in front of our house is now a graveyard full of tombstones and our hedges and front porch have been adorned with lots of orange and purple lights. I think at this point we might own more strands of lights for Halloween than we do for Christmas, which is saying something. I pulled our dozen or so foam jack-o’-lanterns out of the closet today, but they still need to be distributed – some outside and some inside. We’re waiting to decorate the inside of the house (garlands, candles, skulls, etc.) until the maid service pays us a visit on Monday. It won’t be long before we’re living in a veritable haunted house. I love it! The best part is that we’re close to being ready for our big Halloween party next Saturday. It’s going to be a blast. But anyway, the point of this post was to share some of the things Dan and I learned today:

1) Always test a strand of lights before hanging them. Trust me, you don’t want to realize that one measly bulb is busted, ruining the whole strand, after you’ve already wrapped it around a column. And trying to find the faulty bulb is so not worth the effort.
2) Don’t pack the wreath hanger with the Christmas decorations after New Year’s when you remove all evidence of the holidays from your house. Otherwise you’ll be cursing yourself in late October as you root around the closet under the stairs looking for the blasted thing. And of course the wreath hanger will be in the box in the very back of the closet.
3) Look for spiderwebs before decorating the front yard. If you find one, keep reminding yourself where it is or you’ll walk into it not once, but twice before knocking it down completely. Then you’ll feel like an idiot. And of course the rather large spider who’s web you just destroyed will be crawling on you.
4) Fog provides the perfect ambiance for Halloween decorating. I don’t think we could have chosen a better time to construct our graveyard. Cool weather, light mist, and fog rolling in. Spooky!

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