In-flight ramblings on the way back from Maui

Here we are on our flight back from Maui. These last nine days have really flown by. I can’t believe we’re already on our way home. I spent the last half hour trying to compile a list of the things we did on the second half of our trip (to complete the one I posted about the first half of our trip last Monday), but was I wasn’t very successful. For example, we saw so many different sights on the Road to Hana that I can’t remember half of them. I vividly recall the hikes where we ended up covered in mud to see some gorgeous waterfall, but there were plenty of other places that didn’t provide much lasting memories. Dan is asleep right now or we’d probably be poring over the tour books trying to make the list more detailed. I’m in a similar situation with the second half of the list of the delicious food I ate on Maui. I’m going to need to look at some of the online menus for the restaurants we visited to recall exactly what I ordered. And there were way too many items on the buffet at the Old Lahaina Luau for me to remember everything, even after looking at the picture I took of my dinner plate! On the flip side, with the exception of today Dan and I either hiked, swam, snorkeled, or some combination of those activities every day of this trip. We never spend much time sitting around on our trips, which is probably why I always lose weight on vacation. No matter how much we eat, we get plenty of exercise to balance it out. In the past nine days I’ve more time in a bathing suit, covered in sunscreen (and sometimes bug spray too) than I have since my summer camp days. It’s been great! (And speaking of bug spray, I tried just about everything to keep from getting bitten, but I still got a bunch of nasty bites all over my legs in Hana. I used spray, dryer sheets in my pockets (recommended by a local in Hilo last year), and one of those clip on devices. Nothing really worked.) Who cares if I didn’t look as good in my bikini as I did a year ago? Let’s just hope I don’t start crying when I see the pictures. The snorkeling we did this year was so much better than last year. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to have a mask that doesn’t leak! And not being seasick really improved the experience too. It’s impossible to have fun when you’re vomiting off the side of a boat. Trust me, I know. I don’t think I have the energy to write about our entire trip (even though I have a five-hour flight to kill), but Dan and I really had a great trip. The day we flex home from the Big Island last year I was so ready to get home because I was tired of being hot (most of our hotels didn’t have AC), eaten by mosquitoes (Hilo was awful), and covered with sunscreen. My skin was dry, but never quite clean. Getting on that air conditioned plane to go back to Los Angeles was wonderful – especially since the entire Kona airport is outside with no place to escape the heat. Yuck. This year things are very different. When our plane took off from Kahului I wasn’t ready to go home! Luckily there are only three workdays this week before Thanksgiving, but I know they’ll be busy. Well, here’s to getting back to our normal lives. Aloha!