Random photos #1 – High school flashbacks

My Lincoln High School academic letter. I took this picture when I was in Tallahassee in December, cleaning out a bunch of stuff in my childhood bedroom. I got the letter itself in ninth grade and then got the three little lamp pins indicating I maintained the same level of academic “excellence” in tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. I was very proud of that. The other pins I got from National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and chorus (both regular choruses and ensembles). Put together this paints a pretty good picture of my high school experience in a one square foot area!

It all started with these immortal words, “If it has green legs, then it is a Figgy.” Our geometry practice book for Mu Alpha Theta was trying to teach us about conditional statements, but my friends and I latched onto the concept of Figgys and never let go. I believe the name of the figurine in this photo was Marta (I had another one named Mikki who was lost in tenth grade) and she was indeed a Figgy because she had green legs. I obtained her on a trip where I stayed in a Choice hotel (hence the word “Choiceasaurus” on her side), but I can’t remember where. Marta was one of our many Mu Alpha Theta good luck charms and she was with me at every math competition during my high school years.