My culinary nemesis

Chicken curry – my culinary nemesis. I’ve documented my multiple attempts at making this dish, but so far they’ve all been complete failures (at least by my own standards). But cooking is an iterative process, right? That’s how I developed my fantastic spaghetti sauce recipe, at least. So I’m hoping that if I persist I’ll eventually find the perfect homemade chicken curry recipe. My latest culinary creation was courtesy of this recipe from Three Many Cooks. Using this simple, but brilliant sounding recipe, I threw some chicken and the prescribed curry sauce into the Crockpot last Friday with high hopes. Unfortunately I made a couple of key mistakes. First, I didn’t cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces like the recipe instructed. Call it laziness or thinking it wouldn’t make a difference, but I just threw the breasts into the Crockpot whole. It would definitely have an effect on the end result because shredding the chicken after it was cooked just didn’t work with the rest of the recipe. Second, I saved some of the curry sauce rather than pouring all of it into the Crockpot with the chicken. I had this idea of drizzling the reserved sauce over a beautiful bowl of chicken and rice just before serving it. A nice thought, but after a while I realized that without cooking, the sauce was chock full of raw onion and garlic. Not very appetizing and incredibly strong! There’s a reason all of the sauce accompanies the chicken into the slow cooker – it needs to cook to mellow the flavors. But I thought I knew better. Silly me! To make a long story short, my latest attempt at chicken curry was OK, but still not as good as I hoped. Once I nuked the reserved sauce for several minutes in the microwave (a desperate attempt to save it) and mixed a spoonful of it with some shredded chicken and brown rice it was actually really tasty. I had it for lunch twice this week and enjoyed it, but I know there’s still a lot of progress to be made. So let’s call this Slow Cooker Chicken Curry #5. I’ll let you know how my next batch turns out!

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