Memorial Day weekend

There’s nothing like a three-day weekend to recharge your batteries! Especially after the crazy week I had (and I won’t even get into how much crazier things are going to get this week). Dan and I have definitely been enjoying our Memorial Day weekend. We spent Saturday at home – Dan put all of his camping gear away while I made lemon crinkle cookies. I’ll post that recipe on Friday, but for now I’ll just say that they are melt-in-your-mouth delicious! Then we sat down to watch an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that we’ve been wanting to see for a long time – “The Pumaman.” I discovered a fantastic website where you can buy single discs of every episode that isn’t already available on DVD – Hayce’s MST3K DVD Shop. It’s a great deal and I’m thinking of buying a few more episodes. While Dan and I liked “The Pumaman” it didn’t live up to our two perennial favorites, “Space Mutiny” and “Time Chasers.” They are a must-see for all MST3K fans. Anyway, on Sunday morning Dan and I put on hats and sunscreen and set off on a walk to the beach for lunch. We hadn’t made the trip since his brother Bryon visited in February and I was worried about being too out of shape for it, but it turned out to be good time. We walked all the way to the Manhattan Beach Pier, about 5.5 miles from our house, before turning around and having lunch at the Hermosa Beach Pier on the way home. Despite the crowd at the Fiesta Hermosa Memorial Day event, we got a table at one of our favorite restaurants, Mediterraeno, without a problem. Dan and I had a great lunch and then walked home. My legs were killing me by the time we got to our front door, but I was really glad we’d made the 11 mile round-trip. Maybe that will be the catalyst I need to jump start my workout routine. I definitely need a good kick in the pants – especially since so many of my pants don’t fit right now! But back to my weekend recap. Last night Dan and I had Papa John’s pizza for dinner while watching game 1 of the Western Conference Finals between the Spurs and the Thunder. Since it wasn’t the Lakers (whose season ended in a whimper when they to the Thunder in five games) I didn’t particularly care who won, but it was nice to be watching basketball again. After the game I went grocery shopping. As I briefly mentioned earlier, this week is going to be crazy so I’ve been trying to do some meal planning to get ahead of the game and not have to scramble during the week. It’s always good to be prepared. I had to go to Whole Foods, Target, and Ralph’s to get everything I need for the dishes I’ve picked out, but the stores weren’t crowded at 8:30 PM on a Sunday. I’m trying a couple of new recipes this week so we’ll see how they turn out. And so we come to Memorial Day itself. Dan and I went to the car wash as soon as we got up this morning to get both of our cars cleaned. Mine definitely needed a bath after spending last weekend in the desert! Since then we’ve been spending the rest of the holiday at home. Dan worked in the garage while I whipped up a batch of chocolate mint cookies with a bag of dark chocolate and mint chips that have been sitting in my baking cabinet since Christmas. They taste a bit like Thin Mints, which is promising. I’ll post the recipe later this week. Right now I’m watching “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” and waiting for some ground turkey to thaw before I assemble some meatballs for tomorrow’s dinner. The rest of the day will be filled with more basketball (game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals), maybe a movie, and something for dinner. Then I have to go to bed because my alarm is going to go off very early tomorrow morning to get me up for work. Let the craziness begin!

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  1. So, on my blog entry from yesterday where I said I was watching a movie? I was watching “Last Crusade” too.

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