Shame on you, Old Navy

Shame on you, Old Navy. While I am very appreciative of this weekend’s awesome sale on jeans ($19 a pair!), I have a complaint. I went to the mall this morning not because I like shopping, but because I need some jeans that fit. Since June I’ve lost ten pounds (and counting) and most of the pairs that I own are too big and baggy now. A good problem to have, right? Well it certainly makes it hard to put an outfit together these days! So today I walked into Old Navy, grabbed about eight pairs in what I figured was the right size, and tried them on. The first six pairs were great. Not all of them were perfect – I fact I only selected three to purchase – but they were indeed the right size. Then I reached for a pair of Rock Star super skinny jeans. I was excited about these. Since I’ve lost weight I think I’m starting to look pretty good and I am a big fan of skinny jeans in general. That was before I was introduced to Rock Star jeans. The two pairs I took into the fitting room with me were the same size as all of the other pairs I’d been trying on, but after a few seconds I realized that I had absolutely no hope of wearing them. They were much, MUCH too small. I couldn’t get them past mid-thigh! It was ridiculous. Out of curiosity I tried the next size up with moderately more success. I was able to button them and everything, but they sat way, WAY too low on my hips. No one wants to see that! At that point I decided that the Rock Star jeans were not for me. I am a woman in my mid-thirties with curves and everything and these jeans are obviously made for teenagers. Whatever. I still bought the three pairs of jeans that I tried and liked earlier in my shopping trip, though, and they were a steal at $19 a pair. Just remind me not to try on Rock Star jeans at Old Navy again! It’s too depressing!