Thirteen years ago

“Things change so fast sometimes. One moment you could be convinced that you will never achieve your dreams and the next you can see the path leading straight to it. I know how it feels to experience a change like that. Life is a crazy ride that keeps you guessing until the end. Since I haven’t reached the end of my life yet I can’t claim to really know anything magical about it, but I can sure live the way I think is right. At this point I am convinced I am following the right path. Maybe someday the path will change, as things in life have a tendency to do, so I am keeping my eyes open.”
9/4/99 webpage post

2 thoughts on “Thirteen years ago

  1. Things change very fast. And sometimes they just seem to change very fast. Keeping your eyes wide open is a lesson sometimes learned the hard-way: One moment you could be convinced that you will achieve all your dreams and the next you can see the future slipping away into darkness and silence. Sometimes the only hope is the hope of knowing nothing is absolutely certain, and that people can change. I hope we are all traveling the right path, but that is a judgement that can only be made in hindsight, and one that tends to be biased in favor of the realities during the time we look back. I have had rare moments of absolute clarity and purpose, and even rarer moments of epiphony. I get it now. I only wish I had done so sooner. I’d give anything for that. I see the darkness and the silence waiting for me, and I am afraid.

  2. Hello darkness, my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again
    Because a vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains
    Within the sound of silence

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