Chocolate chip cookies #12

Chocolate chip cookies #12: Based on Art of Dessert’s Ultimate Egg-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. Baked on 8/24/12.

While watching the Florida vs. South Carolina football game today I’m going to start catching up on posting recipes. I have at least half a dozen recipes that I’ve tried since I last posted one (almost two months ago) so there’s a lot of ground to cover. Writing about food also helps keep me from sitting on the couch, biting my fingernails, and stressing out over the football game. Go Gators!

I neglected to snap a picture of these cookies before I took them to work to share with me colleagues, but honestly they weren’t much to look at. If you’ve seen one chocolate chip cookie bar you’ve seen them all, right? I’m always on the lookout for innovative chocolate chip cookie recipes these days and what makes this particular recipe unique is that cream cheese is substituted for eggs. I was intrigued by the concept and pleasantly surprised by the outcome! Not that I think these are serious contenders for the title of best homemade chocolate chip cookie (a title I plan to bestow on one special recipe by the end of the year), but I thought they were pretty good and so did my co-workers. So if you’re allergic to eggs or if you simply don’t have any on hand, cream cheese is a perfectly viable substitute!

My Friday

Since its been pretty quiet at work this week I’m taking tomorrow off to do whatever I want! I know that things are going to get hectic again very soon so I’m going to try and enjoy this down time while it lasts. How exactly I’m going to spend my time off tomorrow I haven’t decided yet, but the possibilities are endless. I think I’m definitely going to go to the movies and see either Argo, Looper, or The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’ll be a toss up. I also need to go to the grocery store and buy some ingredients for my Saturday cooking plans. Because if I don’t have something else to do while watching the Florida vs. South Carolina football game I’ll go crazy! Typical fanatical football fan, I know. Come back tomorrow for a recount of my day off. Have a good Friday, everyone!

iPhone 5

This update was posted from my brand new iPhone 5 that I got yesterday! And the home button works perfectly, unlike my poor dilapidated, two plus year old iPhone 4. Thank goodness for modern technology. Without it this completely random and utterly ridiculous webpage post couldn’t have been published! Isn’t the world just so much richer with my inane rambling?

Gator sweatshirts

So I know you’re all wondering how I’m celebrating the second day of cool weather of fall 2012, right? Well, since it’s Friday I’m proud to say that I’m wearing one of my Gator sweatshirts for the first time in months! I’m taking advantage of this opportunity because it’s supposed to warm up again this weekend. (What the heck, Mother Nature? Don’t you realize it’s October?) I own four Gator sweatshirts that I like to wear regularly when it’s cool enough, but the Los Angeles summer has been too hot for me to do anything but wistfully gaze at them for the last six months. But with today’s wonderfully cool temperatures and a Gator football game tomorrow afternoon it’s the perfect day to bring one out of hibernation. Tomorrow I’ll have to wear one of my many Gator t-shirts while actually watching the game because summer is making a resurgence. Yuck. But I’ll be cheering for Florida football no matter what I’m wearing. Go Gators!


Is fall finally here? Maybe, and it’s about time! Not only was it raining when I woke up this morning (the first rain in about six months), but it was thunder storming! Thunder and lightning aren’t things we get a lot of in Los Angeles so it was an unexpected surprise. So how did I celebrate the seemingly first day of fall? I wore corduroy pants! I’ve had a couple of pairs of size 2 Old Navy corduroy pants sitting in my closet for two years and today I finally cut the tags off them! I’m so glad they fit again and now that the temperature has finally dropped they are also season appropriate. Unfortunately they are a little bit too big since I’ve lost so much weight this summer, but there are worse problems to have. I love fall!