November random thoughts

***On Monday I had dinner with some co-workers and then stayed up way too late baking two kinds of chocolate chip cookies for a pumpkin carving contest at work (recipes to be posted soon). All of that was totally worth not having time to update my webpage on Monday night.

***The spin class I went to yesterday morning was surprisingly packed. Evidently hitting the gym the morning after Halloween is a priority for a lot of people!

***After three days of early morning spinning classes (with not enough sleep beforehand) I was really sleepy at work today. So I had a Mountain Dew at lunch to try and wake myself up, but I just ended up a little jittery from the sugar and still sleepy.

***Whenever you’re halving or doubling a recipe always triple check to make sure you have the right amounts of each ingredient. Seriously. I tried to make a pumpkin cake for a party last weekend, but I accidentally put in twice as much milk as I was supposed to and it was a disaster. Oops.

***Easy pumpkin buttercream frosting recipe: Beat together 1 stick softened butter, 1/4 c pumpkin, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 Tbsp milk, and 3 to 4 c powdered sugar. Enjoy! (Based on this recipe.)

***I can’t wait to vote on Tuesday. I love living in a Democratic state because my vote actually makes a difference here. I don’t feel like I’m throwing my vote away like I did in Republican Florida!

***Tonight I tried a salted caramel brownie recipe that I’ve had bookmarked for about a year. Unfortunately they were kind of a pain in the butt to make. Tomorrow I’ll see how they taste and if they were worth the effort.

***Here’s a tip that should be a no-brainer but seemed to escape me – never wear a white shirt while baking. Especially when you’re using cocoa powder and melted chocolate. My Gator sweatshirt looks pretty grungy right now.

***I have a lot more baking to do tomorrow morning so I figured I’d put some butter out to soften overnight. I forgot to do this earlier in the week and it caused me a lot of grief. But of course the recipes I’m going to make tomorrow don’t include butter! The one night I remember to put butter out to soften I don’t need any!

2 thoughts on “November random thoughts

  1. Wait, what? Your vote makes a huge difference in just-barely-Republican Florida! Think about 2000, for instance. Your vote makes no difference in CA, just like mine makes no difference in MD.

  2. The way I see it, in California my vote contributes to electoral college votes that traditionally go to a Democratic candiate. This makes me happy. But in Florida the electoral college almost always go to a Republican so I feel like my Democratic vote meant nothing. But I always voted anyway, just like I will on Tuesday.

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