Twelve years ago

“Can you remember what it feels like to hear your favorite song when you least expect it? It’s like at that moment there’s no where else you’d rather be and nothing else you want to do than stand there, close your eyes, and listen to every word. So imagine a poorly dressed college student in the grocery store, holding a basket filled with yogurt and orange juice, and blissfully smiling like she had no troubles in the world. That is what you probably would have seen if you had been in the candy aisle of Albertsons at the same time that I was. Somehow hearing your favorite song is even more enchanting when it hasn’t been popular in four years and you can count on one hand the number of times you have heard it randomly on the radio since then. So as I recognized the telltale chords that announce the beginning of this song I couldn’t help but grin. Every time I hear it I suddenly forget all of the bad things that are happening in my life and assume it is a sign of the good are to come. It’s amazing how little things like that can completely change your outlook. It makes me glad to know that it is possible.”
11/3/00 webpage post