Chocolate chip cookies #22

Chocolate chip cookies #22: Based on Chef in Training’s Red Velvet Pudding Cookies. Baked on 11/21/12.

It may be a new year, but my search for the best homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe isn’t quite over. The end may be in sight, but I’m not there yet. So today I present red velvet chocolate chip cookies take 2. I didn’t include my first attempt in my tally of tested chocolate chip recipes because I wasn’t sure they qualified (and because they weren’t that great), but the cookies from my second attempt are too delicious not to write about. They are amazing! I made my first batch of red velvet chocolate chip cookies for Halloween, but they were dry and crumbly so I didn’t have high hopes for this second batch. But it turns out that adding a box of instant chocolate pudding mix to the dough makes the cookies soft and extremely tasty. And the red food coloring makes them unique and festive. Of the four kinds of cookies I took to San Francisco for Thanksgiving, these were the hands-down favorite. They disappeared faster than any of the others, which is saying something because the other cookies were really good too. I must admit that I wasn’t all that impressed when I made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies with instant pudding earlier this year, but now that I’ve tried a few recipes I can see how much potential they have. Stay tuned for other chocolate chip cookies with instant pudding mix in the future. Until then, go make these red velvet chocolate chip cookies! You’ll love them!