Old dress

How’s this for a Monday? I had to be at work at 3 AM, which is extremely difficult to do right after the weekend, and on top of that I had to work for more than twelve hours. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Obviously I wasn’t looking forward to a day like that so I decided to start it the best way I could – by looking really good. I only own a few dresses that are workplace appropriate and I’ve already worn two of them in the last couple of months, so this time I went for a different one. I bought this black and white dress at Ann Taylor back in 2004 to wear to my friend Meghan’s bridesmaid’s luncheon before her wedding. That’s when the above photo was taken (3/25/04). (I probably don’t look a whole lot different now, but my hair is longer!) Lucky for me it’s a simple dress that’s classic enough to not be out of style almost nine years later. And it’s a size 0 which I am so thrilled I can fit into again! So Monday was a very long, stressful day at work, but at least I looked good!

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