Beginning of a three day weekend

I’m so glad it’s Saturday! This last week of work was long and stressful, but luckily it ended well and the weekend is here. And I worked so many extra hours last week that I can take Monday off without using any of my vacation time! I am really going to enjoy this three-day weekend. So how did I spend my first day of freedom? Cooking, mostly. I’m going to Mike and Lisa’s for their Super Bowl party tomorrow afternoon and I promised to bring a few dishes. However, I may have overextended myself because I spent about six hours in the kitchen this afternoon and evening making the following things:

Ranch Mac and Cheese (I’ve written about this one before)
Company Mac and Cheese (my mom’s most successful version)
Crockpot Italian Meatballs (a new recipe – fingers crossed!)
Toffee Chip Brownies (I left out the toffee chips this time)
My own chocolate chip cookie recipe (no link yet – stay tuned!)

Besides cooking I did a little shopping this morning. My navy blue Converse All Stars need to be replaced (they don’t look that bad on the outside, but the insides are falling apart) and I picked up a couple of new tank tops at Old Navy. I’m still waiting on the stores to get all of their spring clothes in before I spend much more to update my wardrobe. I definitely need a refresher in the clothing department sooner rather than later. When I got back from the mall I started my marathon culinary endeavours. While I was cooking I watched both of the “Fantastic Four” movies that I DVRed a week or so ago. With my love of superhero movies I can’t believe I’ve never seen either of them before. Not bad. Now it’s time for bed so I can get up at a decent hour tomorrow and finish getting everything ready for the Super Bowl party. Not that I care one way or another who wins the game, but spending time with friends and eating some good food is always fun.