Foodie Friday – Chocolate chip cookies #14 plus

Chocolate chip cookies #14 plus: Loosely based on Kelsey’s Apple a Day Best Ever Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Baked on 12/1/12.

OK, I failed at my “week of words experiment.” I’m not in a very good place emotionally at the moment so I’m going to fall back on a recipe today rather than post something depressing like yesterday. Sorry about that. I really do hope everyone else had a good Valentine’s Day!

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to Pinterest. I’ve been seeing a pin for chocolate chip cookies made with cornstarch as a leavening agent for a while so I figured I’d better give it a try as part of my search for the best recipe. I didn’t follow one particular recipe (the one in the pin didn’t really appeal to me and neither did any other one I found), but instead I added 2 teaspoons of cornstarch (a new container freshly purchased) to my favorite recipe see how it would turn out. These cookies were good, but I honestly couldn’t tell much difference from the original version. The cookie dough really did look like ice cream, just like the pin said, but the end result wasn’t much different with the added cornstarch. Maybe a tiny bit fluffier, but not dramatically so. Maybe I should have added more cornstarch? Or used less flour? I don’t know. I think this concept deserves a repeat attempt in the future. More chocolate chip cookies are fine by me!