Weekend bullet update

Since the topics I’ve gathered to write about have nothing to do with each other, I’ll just make this post a bullet list…

***Last Sunday I met a friend at Disneyland for lunch. It was about ten degrees colder than it had been on Saturday (which was unseasonably warm), and it was obvious that most of the patrons hadn’t prepared for that. There was a long line of people buying sweatshirts at Downtown Disney before going into the park. It was pretty funny. It would have been even funnier if I didn’t need to stand in that same long line to return a t-shirt. That took quite a while. But as I was waiting I saw a couple of women buying a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that caught my eye. I’ve been wanting one for a long time so I bought one for myself before going home that afternoon. I learned that sometimes waiting in line is beneficial!

***I’ve been having some really vivid dreams recently for some reason. Like last week when I dreamed about trying to escape a forest fire. I was in a group of people in a house out in the woods, but a lightning storm sparked a fire. We had to get out of the house and outrun the rapidly approaching fire on foot. Our prospects didn’t look too good so I was a little anxious when I woke up that morning! I thought the other people were just fictional characters when I woke up, but as soon as one of my co-workers sent me in instant message later than morning I remembered that he was in my dream. I told him about it and he asked whether I thought it was symbolism or foreshadowing. I thought about it for a minute before settling on symbolism. We both agreed “running from a forest fire” was a good way to describe our jobs!

***I won an award at work recently – Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems (S&IS) 2013 World Class Engineering Award. My boss told me I was nominated back in November, but I promptly forgot about it. So imagine my surprise when I found out about a month ago that I won! There were a couple dozen winners so it’s not like it was just me, but I’m still really honored to have been selected. My job doesn’t exactly allow for a lot of professional exposure so it was a pleasant surprise to be recognized for some of my accomplishments. (The award was mostly for something that I worked on last summer.) So the Friday before last I went to an awards luncheon in El Segundo to be presented with my award and shake the hands of some very important people (which also happened last summer when those same people and quite a few others were very happy about a crisis that I diverted). Not a bad way to spend a few hours.

***When I’m at work I listen to the news most of the time, which can be boring, but it keeps me up to date on current events. Unfortunately I don’t have any control over what news channel is being broadcast. It’s usually CNN, which I can handle, but sometimes it’s Fox News which has the potential to make me physically ill. There’s only so which whining about our non-Republican president and the “liberal media” I can take. But anyway, I always pick up some amusing tidbits no matter what I’m listening to. Like yesterday when a few of the newscasters were talking about dictators and the death of Hugo Chavez. I’m not exactly sure how it came up, or even what it means, but I heard the phrase “Dictator Tots.” That made me laugh. Then it made me hungry for sweet potato tots from Sonic. I would have gone to Sonic for lunch today, but it’s a decent drive to the closest one from where I live. Next time I’m there’s I’ll have to make sure I don’t accidentally order “Dictator Tots”!