Chocolate chip cookies #34

Chocolate chip cookies #34: Based on Noble Pig’s Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies. Baked on 4/28/13.

Maple bacon chocolate chip cookies. Think about that for a second. Chocolate chip cookies with maple and bacon. Sounds delicious, right? Well, you’re absolutely right! But not just delicious – unbelievably delicious. I’ve made bacon chocolate chip cookies before (see recipe #5) and I was really excited about them, but to my surprise they were a bit disappointing. The bacon flavor was there, but not quite pronounced enough to make the most of the combination of salty and sweet. This second batch was different. To be safe I used more bacon than the recipe called for (11 or 12 slices baked until they were crispy enough to crumble) and the maple extract made the dough smell like pancakes. My mouth was watering before I even put the pan in the oven! These cookies were AMAZING. Salty, sweet, and oh so satisfying. I loved them and so did my co-workers – both on the East and West Coasts. Over the last year and a half I’ve tried, and really liked, many different chocolate chip cookie variations, but this one is on a whole other level. Since it’s not completely traditional I’m going to take this recipe out of the running for the best homemade chocolate chip cookie, but this is still one of the tastiest things I’ve made in 2013. If you like bacon you really have to try this recipe. You will love it!