Playing recipe catch-up

Bourbon banana bread (7/25/12) – This bread was supposed to have chocolate chips mixed in, but I forgot until I put the pan in the oven. So I sprinkled some chips on the top of the batter a few minutes after it started baking. The end result was delicious and a big hit with my co-workers.

Chocolate Texas sheet cake #1 (8/7/12) – This chocolate cake is delicious. Not quite as good as the second sheet cake recipe I tried, but still really good. The frosting turned out a little funny looking on this one, but it didn’t impact the taste.

Coconut pound cake (9/23/12) – I’m sorry to say I don’t remember how this cake tasted! I made it because I had some leftover shredded coconut (like always) and I wanted to give my co-workers a sweet treat. I assume this cake was pretty good because I usually remember when I recipe turns out badly! I should try this again with buttermilk and a lot more coconut.

York Peppermint Patty brownies (???) – Yes, I baked a layer of York Peppermint Patties in the middle of a batch of brownies. What of it? I have some co-workers who love chocolate and mint together so I was really excited to make these brownies. I have to admit that I used boxed brownie mix, but it was still very good.

Pumpkin bread for Halloween (11/3/12) – I made this pumpkin bread for a Halloween party so I only had a small bite before giving the rest away. But the bite I had was moist and delicious. The perfect pumpkin bread. I’ll have to try this recipe again with the pumpkin buttercream frosting. I can’t wait for Halloween 2013!

Peppermint chocolate pudding cookies (12/8/12) – I’m including this recipe for completeness, but I have to be honest and say that I don’t remember these cookies at all. I know I made them, but I have no memory of actually tasting them. Sorry!

Candy cane blossoms (12/17/12) – I made these festive Hershey’s Kiss blossom cookies for the 2012 annual holiday potluck at work. Unfortunately I can’t say I was all that pleased with how they turned out. I think I’m just biased towards the classic peanut butter blossoms. Still, my co-workers seemed to like the peppermint variety!