Disneyland dining – Paradise Garden Grill

Last night I had a problem. When I finally got home from the laundromat with all of my freshly cleaned clothes my options were stay home for the night or go out. And as tempting as it sounded to not have to drive anywhere, I knew that if I chose that route I would end up either sitting on the couch watching TV for hours or going jogging. Now jogging might sound like it would have been a great choice, but my legs were sore after increasing my mileage on Monday and Tuesday so they desperately needed a break. So to avoid the temptation I grabbed my keys and my annual pass and headed to Disneyland! The parks were crowded for a weeknight (hey, it’s still summer) so instead of trying to get on any rides I headed to California Adventure to get some dinner instead. Most of the food at Disneyland is mediocre at best, but there are some bright spots that you need to be aware of if you ever plan to get a meal there. One of my favorite places is Paradise Garden Grill that serves skewers with several different meal and sauce options. I’ve tried two different combinations – 1) Lemon-Oregano Chicken with Tzatziki and 2) Grilled Steak with Chimichurri (last night’s dinner) – and both were really delicious. I have written about my love of tzatziki many times (and even posted my own recipe) so I enjoyed the chiken with tzatziki the first time I ate there. And then last night I couldn’t get enough of the chimichurri sauce on the steak! While the meat wasn’t as tender as it could have been (a sharper knife would definitely have helped!), it was still very tasty and perfect with the scrumptious sauce. Besides the skewers themselves, the rice pilaf, cucumber salad, and pita bread on the side are top notch. I cleaned my plate, which is very rare…just about anywhere! Plus it’s probably one of the healthier meal options in either of the parks. So if you find yourself in California Adventure, looking for somewhere to eat, I cannot recommend the Paradise Garden Grill highly enough. I’m actually planning on eating there again this weekend!