Fights with my iPhone

I love my iPhone, I really do. But sometimes to drives me crazy. Yesterday when I was trying to add some new songs to my running playlist I noticed that all of the latest songs were gone. Everything from the last six months, at least. I hadn’t deleted the songs and I hadn’t synced my iPhone with my laptop in about a week so I have no idea what happened. My iPhone ate my music! Very frustrating. I had to do something about this travesty (first world problem, I know) before going running. So I built a “New music” playlist of about 60 songs on my laptop and transferred it to my iPhone. Or so I thought. When I left the house to go running it wasn’t there. I’ve never claimed to be a computer genius, but I should be capable of putting music on my phone, right? Ugh. So I had to fall back on an old playlist to entertain me while I was running last night. No big deal because I really like all of the songs on my iPhone, but some of them get old after hearing them umpteen times. I run four or five times a week so I listen to a lot of music. Tonight before I went running I removed all of the songs from my iPhone and started building a workout playlist from scratch. I put about 3 hours of music on there so far (which will last me about two running sessions), but I need to build that up some more. I have given my iPhone a lot of credit for my running success because I don’t think I could have done it without music to listen to. Without something to keep my mind occupied all I can think about is how tired I am! That’s the worst. Hopefully my iPhone doesn’t delete my songs again because I might have to leave it at home and use another iPod for running. And yes, Lauren’s iPhone, that’s a threat!