NaBloPoMo 2013

It’s November again and that means National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). Granted, November isn’t exactly the best month for me to easily update my webpage every day due to possibly being out of town for Thanksgiving, but I’ll do my best. And I’ve made a promise to myself to only post recipes on Fridays. I never intended this to be a food blog, but it would be really easy for me to fall back on a recipe to fulfill my daily posting requirement. Well, that’s not going to happen this month. I want to challenge myself to write again. One of the best things about my webpage is being able to go back and see what I was thinking and what was going on in my life over the last fourteen years. Even though I’m older now and my life isn’t as exciting as it used to be, I still want to document everything – the good and the bad. It’s time for me to remember why I started writing in the first place.