Thanksgiving decorations

Thanksgiving is a huge holiday in this country, but as far as decorations go, it doesn’t get as much fanfare as Halloween (which is the first big holiday after July 4th) or Christmas (which is by far the biggest holiday of the year for the majority of us). Most stores go straight from Halloween costumes and candy to Christmas trees and wrapping paper on November 1st (with some overlap on the early end these days, actually). If you look really hard you might be able to find a few shelves with turkey serving platters and paper plates in fall colors, but the retailers put their money on people going straight to the green and red flashing lights of the Christmas section in November. Call me cliché, but I definitely fall into that category of consumer. Every year I get excited when I see the Christmas decorations for the first time. I love putting up a tree and buying presents for the people I love. It’s so much fun. So it should come as no surprise that I own my fair share of Christmas decorations. But in my family you don’t break out those boxes until the weekend after Thanksgiving, so what do I do until then? Well, the photo above shows how my dining table looks right now. Everyone from Florida will recognize the Pilgrim people salt and pepper shakers from Publix. I’ve had them for many years and they’re adorable. Check out this link for the Publix commercial from a few years ago that feature the Pilgrims. Awesome. As for the accordion turkey centerpiece, I added it to my Thanksgiving collection this year. Last month I was looking for tablecloths for the chili cook-off at Walmart and I saw that little guy for only $1.97. Sold! Not that I’m planning to host Thanksgiving dinner at my place anytime soon (my table only seats 4!), but at least I have a few seasonally appropriate items. It won’t be long before it’s time to deck the halls, but until then I’ll enjoy my Thanksgiving decorations.