Florida-Georgia line

“Baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise
Down a back road blowin’ stop signs through the middle
Every little farm town with you”

Florida Georgia Line, “Cruise”

Some running aps let you set a “power song” that you can cue up when you’re feeling tired and need motivations to keep going. I can’t figure out how to set it in Map My Run, but mine these days would be “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line. I first heard it when I was working in Florida in September and I instantly loved it. I’m not the biggest country music fan, but there are quite a few songs in the genre that I like a lot. (And yes, I realize that Taylor Swift doesn’t really count as country.) This is my current favorite. When I was running tonight I hit a wall near the end of my second 2-mile interval so I scrolled through my playlist and selected “Cruise.” Just hearing the first few notes at the beginning of the song made me feel stronger. It’s amazing how much mental discipline running requires, and I am a big proponent of anything that can help with that. “Cruise” reminds me of growing up in north Florida, about 20 minutes south of the Georgia border. In fact, if you were driving somewhere and you saw a sign that said “Welcome to Georgia” you knew you’d gone to far. That happened to me on more than one occasion when I was trying to find a friend’s house that was north of Tallahassee. We lived in the northeast part of town already so it took almost no time to find yourself driving through dense pine forests. And at night all of it looks the same, making missing a turn very easy. When I listen to “Cruise” I feel like I’m back in my hometown, driving to a party with my friends in the summer. Those memories keep my mind from focusing on how tired I am while running, making “Cruise” my perfect power song!

P.S. I waited too late to write today’s post so I’m sorry that this a short one. I haven’t exactly been challenging myself as far as my writing goes recently and I’m not happy about that. I’m going to try and spend more time writing this week since I have fewer work and social obligations. We’ll see how it goes!