Another quiet Saturday

I had a quiet Saturday today so I thought I’d share a funny little story. This morning I went to the movies to see “American Hustle” so that I would be more prepared for the Golden Globes on Sunday. (I haven’t seen nearly enough of the potential award-winning movies this year yet.) It was a good movie, but not one of my favorites this year. (I should have gone to “Frozen” instead again, but that’s another story!) By the time I got out of the theater I was ready for lunch, so I headed to Corner Bakery and got a turkey sandwich to go. When I got home I pulled a new jar of banana peppers out of the cabinet so I could add a few to my sandwich. I love banana peppers, but the jar wasn’t exactly easy to open. I swear those things discriminate against women with our smaller hands and diminished ability to build upper body strength! After several tries I finally conquered the seal on the jar, but my victory was short-lived because as soon as the lid was loosened I spilled pickle juice (banana pepper juice?) all over my jeans. My freshly laundered jeans. I had to go change because I reeked of vinegar, Sheesh. I guess it was worth it, though. Those banana peppers made my turkey sandwich really delicious! I hope everyone else had a good Saturday.